Tuesday, November 27th, 2007

I just airzooka’ed the ceiling fan lightbulbs (to dust them), and after a few times in rapid succession, something flaming fell out. Oops.

    D.C. has the highest AIDS rate among U.S. cities. Injured veterans being told to payback their incentive money because they didn’t finish their tour. No constitutional right against unreasonable search for poor people on welfare (I thought our rights were fucking inalienable? Now you have to fucking buy them!). Don’t shit where you eat, my friend. (I just saw Ween.) Articles below. (more…)

    hadesSo, the new computer is coming along nicely. The FM transmitter is installed. Two computers are now able to play music, meaning a lot of scripting. Most of my main programs are now installed, and I have a sense of which programs I’ll need next time. The computer has now taken over every function from the old computer, except for burning, downloading, and backing up some files. Which is what the old computer was originally purchased to do! (Basically, when Storm died, Hell had to pick up Storm’s duties. Now that Hades is fully deployed, it has taken those same duties, which can now be handled by both computers.) Warning: severe geeking out ensuing. (more…)