Every year, Carolyn & I post a list of what we watched. This year, I have broken it into sections. Read on to see what MOVIES we watched in 2006. (Sorry about the extended delay.) Also make sure to check out our list of 2006 viewing coincidences.

This is a time consuming post to read, but I’d like people to comment on them if possible and willing.

*** AWARDS: ***

BEST ACTION: The Island, RUNNER-UP: Transporter 2
BEST DRAMA: Clint: Oldboy, Carolyn: Wild At Heart (we watched what, 2-3 dramas? everything else falls in other categories: action,sci-fi,horror)
BEST COMEDY: 40-Year Old Virgin, Grandma’s Boy
BEST SCI-FI: Serenity (Firefly movie) (runner-up: Cube 2: HyperCube)
MOST DEPRESSING: Gummo? (loved by Clint, hated by Carolyn)
MOST DISTURBING/TWISTED: Hostel. RUNNER-UP: Saw 2. (Gummo was disturbing, but socially, not violently; The Island was as well, but in a sci-fi fascist kind of way; Oldboy too.)
WORST MOVIE: Clint says: Bourne Identity. Also: Coffee & Cigarettes.
REMAKE OF A TV SHOW, BEST: Aeon Flux (Serenity doesn’t count; it’s not a remake)
CLONE MOVIE, WORST: Multiplicity
MOST DISSONANCE BETWEEN CLINT & CAROLYN: Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Gummo – Clint liked both, Carolyn hated both.
MOST BULLSHIT MOMENT: Transporter 2, de-fusing a bomb on the bottom of his car by jumping on a ramp and twisting into a hook on a crane that just happened to be there. Like you can control how and when your car twists with that kind of accuracy?!?! (last year‘s was from The Day After Tomorrow)






  1. IN THE THEATRE, IN 3D: The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D – 3D! awesome! but what happened to the closing narration that I remember from the soundtrack? Did they shorten it out of 3-D cheapness, or is that narration only on the soundtrack? I WANT TO KNOW.
  2. IN THE THEATRE (needed electricity): The Producers – Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse–our power was out for 12 hrs due to snow. Olive Garden got old. We had no choice. It was okay. I dislike Mel Brooks. Always have.
  3. IN THE THEATER (needed shelter): Miami Vice – Clint only. We needed to burn some time in Ocean City to escapealien death bugs, and this was cheaper than a hotel. I would not recommend this movie. Struggled to stay awake, struggled to stay interested.

    *** MOVIES SEEN AT HOME: ***

  4. 40-Year Old Virgin, The – GREAT! Steve Carell has never done anything NOT freakin’ hilarious, and this is no exception. You get so much sympathy, comedy, and joy from his character. This is one of those movies that, for me, I can look at the title and KNOW it will be at least an 8 or a 9. And I was right. I’d almost give this the coveted “10” rating. It’s definitely at least a 9! And the dvd extras (watched in 2007) are incredibly funny as well!
  5. Aeon Flux – pleasant surprise! they took a cartoon and made it live action AND Hollywood, and yet it was still quite good, and more faithful to the original than we would have thought. Don’t listen to the naysayers; this is worth watching. They did steal some ideas from the movie The Island, but all the rest of it came from the Aeon Flux animated series (especially episode #1, and episode #4). They did bastardize the origin/history of some of the characters, yet there were many, many aspects that were great.
  6. Alien Vs. Predator – the fighting between aliens and predators is about as much waited-for as finally seeing Yoda use a light saber! We also watched Freddy Vs. Jason in the same time period. Moral of the story? If you ever see Freddy, Aliens, Jason, and Predators — befriend the Predators and Jason to help you kill Freddy and the Aliens. After that? I don’t know. They need to make a Jason Vs. Predator movie. That would be awesome.
  7. American Pie: Band Camp – barely any of the original actors left! Just Eugene Levy! It still made for an amusing Monday night movie, complete with scenes of girls showering. (Isn’t that simulated child porn, if they are in high school?)
  8. Brothers Grimm, The – pretty good, it was nice to tinge upon all the different fables out there… But as for a Terry Gilliam movie, this was NOT his best work. Brazil was better. Time Bandits was better. 12 Monkeys was better. Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas was better. Monty Python & The Holy grail was better.
  9. Bourne Identity, The – full of holes, plot not explained well, they focus on things and you have no idea why… Carolyn said it was pretty good, but Clint says it’s poor! Why do we care that he has no memory? Furthermore, if we do care, why isn’t it really explained? We’re suppos ed to get into the mystery of why Bourne has no memory, yet I couldn’t care less! MAKE ME CARE.
  10. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle – Fun. Not exactly brilliant. But who could turn down three lovely ladies kicking ass and making jokes? This is an “A B-movie”, that is, a Hollywood A-movie which sort of pretends to be a B-movie. (I consider it an A-movie due to high promotion, high budget, and being in mainstream theatres.)
  11. Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe – finally, an A-movie version! This was really neat to watch. I finally started to see how Aslan = Jesus. Ironically, though, this movie just didn’t quite live up to my expectations, despite being good, and despite knowing the plot of the book.
  12. Coffee & Cigarettes – utterly pointless; we watched it when Clint was sick. This movie deliberately had no plot, and thus almost nothing to offer. See “Slackers” instead, if you want a series of unrelated vignettes. It’s actually entertaining. This was all-star drivel.
  13. Corpse Bride – good movie–but definitely not Nightmare Before Christmas. Kind of short. And no songs that I can remember. It did not live up to the hype, but was definitely worth watching because Tim Burton‘s stop-motion animation style is unparalleled.
  14. Cube, The (1969) – Jim Henson b&w live-action, the original idea the Cube movies are based on – review at https://clintjcl.wordpress.com/2006/07/18/review-movie-the-cube-1969-jim-henson/. Basically, it was a one-hour made-for-TV “movie” (probably 1.5 hrs with commercials) which became the idea for the Cube horror movies.
  15. Cube 2: Hypercube – absolutely mind-boggling – review at https://clintjcl.wordpress.com/2006/07/14/review-movie-cube-2-hypercube/. This was my favorite out of The Cube, Cube 0, Cube, and Cube 2.
  16. Cube 0 – had some interesting stuff — seeing the cube from the outside was definitely a different way to consider things. None of the other Cube movies had it quite like this. The Cube itself was very “analog” in this movie, whereas in Cube 2 it was more “digital”.
  17. Dead & Breakfast – a ‘horror’ zombie movie with country music interludes. It reminded us of early Peter Jackson movies — except this came out in 2004 movie. The art & transitions were cool at times, and it was just plain funny at points, with deliberate black humor. The country music song at the end summarizing everything that happened in the movie gave a great recap and sense of closure. Thanks, Compn.
  18. Dragon That Wasn’t (Or Was He?) – watched when Clint was sick. Dutch cartoon movie for kids. The only movie we watched before noon this year — which is why we chose a less serious movie. (Real video is watched only at night!) It was decent for that time of day. :)
  19. Fantastic Four – Not sure how this got the very-low 5.9 on IMDB. It was pretty good. When seeing a Hollywood comic-franchise production, you pretty much know what to expect. No masterpiece, but rather a rehash of a pop culture icon in a Hollywood format. What do you really expect out of it? The movie was exactly what I expected — nothing exceptional, but really cool nonetheless to see some of these characters in live-action form! I wouldn’t have chosen Jessica Alba, but sheis hot.
  20. Flightplan – It earned its 6 rating on IMDB… decent, but not spectacular.
  21. Freaky Friday – (new one) Lindsay Lohan is soooooo hot. 50 times hotter than Jamie Lee Curtis. That is all.
  22. Freddy Vs. Jason – nice to see a cross-franschise venture :) Of course this had all the shortcomings of any of the other movies, but the cross between the two really made this one a treat. Still only 3 stars / 6.5.
  23. Grandma’s Boy – freakin’ awesome! Formula? Add pot, videogames, and grannies. Mix well. Add comedy.
    What else did this have? A pot-smoking videogame tester that throws a kick-ass party. A monkey that knows Tae Kwan Do?? A hot chick. Old ladies drinking marijuana tea and getting stoned. A genius geek who wishes he was in the Matrix, and taking like a robot. The best line? (said drunkly by hot chick making fun of robot guy) “I have a robot vagina.” Seriously, though, despite the terrible title, this is a very fun movie! I think it was just as funny as The 40 Year-Old Virgin. That’s saying a lot. This was basically close to a tie for my favorite comedy watched in 2006. But since this is so obscure and not well-known, I would recommend this over 40-Year-Old Virgin, which everyone has pretty much seen already. The cartoon Code Monkeys, which didn’t air until long after this movie came out, captures a lot of the feel of Grandma’s Boy, what with the video games, drug use, and ridiculosity.
  24. Gummo – From the director of Kids. Talk about disturbing. Clint liked, Carolyn didn’t:”Too disturbed”. Lots of cat killing. Astounding portrait of white trash redneck Ohio America. Kind of psychedelic pacing, too. It trips you out. Another weird one. STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you watch the DVD extra before watching the movie. I reviewed it immediately after watching it, at:
  25. Hills Have Eyes, The (2005) – yet another horror movie with a dark ending … messed up stuff, here. I hear this was a remake. It was one of those movies that holds your attention and entertains you every second of the way, but when it is over you have no desire to ever see it again. I don’t know if I would recommend it. It wasn’t bad.
  26. Hostel – talk about disturbing!! This made Saw look tame in some aspects. Saw was a lot deeper, but this was on a greater, more organized scale. Mass, mass, torture. Read my full review at:
    Nearly a year later, I still think about this Movie. Saw is better, but this one ingrains itself in your psyche more.
  27. Island, The – really good – the Orwellian nightmare that is The Island’s society was about all Clint could handle watching. The examples of corporate evil were well thought-out, as this type of shit may very well happen in the future. But the beginning of the movie was pretty much a modern-day 1984. Your morning piss is analyzed, and the results are used against you in your menu selections for food that day. It really sucked to be one of the people on the island. The ending was a good feeling of optimistic hope — and that was nice…
  28. Kingdom Of Heaven – Carolyn liked better than Clint. Clint doesn’t really even remember what happened because it all seemed pretty boring and meaningless to him. Some people fight, insurmountable odds, good guys vs bad guys, city siege strategies, blah blah. May as well have been 300. Or an episode of Hercules/Xena. [UPDATE: As of 12/2007, Carolyn doesn’t remember this movie either.]
  29. Kurt & Courtney – The bitch killed him?! Review at:
  30. Man On The Moon – decent, but biographies just aren’t as good to us. We think Clint liked it more than Carolyn, but Carolyn thought the wrestling sub-plot was too drawn out. It was pretty funny though, especially the pre-title part. In general, Kaufmann almost had a punk attitude about mixing things up and betraying the audience’s expectations. Learning about that aspect was educational and interesting, but we simply prefer fiction to documentary/biography. I was surprised that, for the movie, they got all the original Taxi actors too. And surprised the redhead from Taxi is still just as hot! Some women don’t seem to age. The dvd extras were a must-see too, with the original, actual Andy Kauffman videos & wrestling matches.
  31. Metropolis (anime) – incredible use of color; crisp animation; unique jazzy soundtrack with “I Can’t Stop Loving You” being sung during a scene-of-many-explosions (with no explosion sounds — very stylistically different than what I am accustomed to from Hollywood).
    But alas, like many anime movies, I (Clint) have trouble telling some of the characters apart (even though they are drawn as Americans), and the plot was not quite as obvious to me as I would have liked, and I started falling asleep a LOT during the last half of the movie. And Carolyn had to explain various things to me.
    When I did a 10-minute re-scan the next day, it made more sense and my opinion went up a bit, and I finally understood the closure of the ending. Of course now that I am writing this I don’t remember that part anymore, so — I’ll have to take my word for it :)
  32. MirrorMask – Awesome movie! Some of the most incredible visuals of any movie, ever. Think: What Dreams May Come, but even better. It was like a mix of Waking Life [dreamy, abstract], The Cell [abstract, in-your-head’isms], Nightmare Before Christmas [gothy animated evils taking over a good world], Neverending Story [fantasy world]. Neil Gaiman + Jim Henson = Good, apparently.
  33. Mission To Mars – a decent movie, a mix of good and bad. Cinematically, it included the most vertigo-inducing weightless shot I’ve ever seen, arguably the best shot to give you a weightless feeling since the scene in 2001 where the guy is trying not to vomit in his spacesuit. They had a really cool explanation for Mars in general, mostly without words. SEMI-SPOILER: They had a very intense scene where the crew literally floats from a doomed ship to a non-doomed ship….[END SEMI-SPOILER] Anyway, the middle could have been better, and the effects could have been better. Parts at the beginning & end were “imdb 7.75”, “netflix 4 stars”, but the middle parts were “imdb 6.3, netflix 3 stars” good. If you want to see a “current” Mars movie, this would be my recommendation.
  34. Mr. & Mrs. Smith – Held Clint’s interest, but Carolyn hated it, gave it a 3.5 (out of 10), and wasn’t even entertained. A rare and inexplicable thing, to Clint. “I went in with low expecations, and it didn’t live up to them.” -Carolyn. Whereas Clint enjoyed the interplay between two spouses who are actually assassins. And how love triumphed over all at the end. And of course, the assassin guild chicks were cool.
  35. Multiplicity – Not that great, but interesting idea. See Repli-Kate instead. MUCH much much much much better clone movie. This one paled in comparison. Having been interested in seeing Multiplicity for 10 years or so, this was a big letdown.
  36. Ninth Configuration, The (~1978) – Oldest movie we’ve watched in years; watched when Clint was sick. A young Stacy Keach!?!? Slow, but interesting. Really kinda crazy & funny & confusing at first; it almost seems like a whimsical comedy for the longest time. Then there is a startling revelation, which completely changes the dynamic of the movie and its characters. But then what? It gets all serious and violent. And…. God?! Now you’re going to talk about God?? God?!?!? The fight at the end just wasn’t real or violent enough for the build-up. I’m sure it was fine for 1970s standards, but for 2000 standards, it was like watching a 1930s Frankenstein fight some villagers – cheezy, and not realistic enough. And the last 30 seconds completely make me roll my eyes (God?!?!?).
  37. Oldboy – (Inappropriate title.) This movie is MESSED UP!!!! Japanese. Non-linear. Confusing. Subtitled. Dragged out in parts. Nonetheless, it was a very good movie. A lot of intense scenes. You sure as hell aren’t going to EVER know what’s going to happen next, and you’re not going to guess what motivates the characters. Hell, the main character doesn’t even know why he’s involved in the story! This guy has to sit for FIFTEEN YEARS in a solitary (non-prison/luxury) cell, never speaking to another human being, never even knowing why he was there. Then he is released without explanation — And then the movie starts. Ironically, I found a scene in this movie in a torrent that consisted of videos of people eating live squid, before ever realizing it was from a movie.
  38. Palindromes – from the director of Fear, Anxiety, Depression … an even slower, darker, boringer, pointlesser one. Runaways. Pedophiles. Abortionists. Christians. Hit men. More pedophiles. The main character is randomly played by about 6 different actresses, some of which look nothing at all like any of the others (one is black)… This is an interesting psychedelic aesthetic, and symbolic of the main character’s own quest for identity — yet it still didn’t sit too well with us. It just seemed a bit annoying. The movie as a whole didn’t really impres us at all, we were left bored and wishing we’d watched something else.
  39. Real Genius – 2nd time for Carolyn & I; watched w/Cousin Nathan. Good 1980s comedy movie! **THREE** MONTAGES! You can’t get much more 1980s than THREE montages! “I’m Jesus!” Popcorn. “Laszlo”. Val Kilmer?! And your standard 80s-movie douchebags. This is a top quality movie that should be watched by 100% of comedy movie fans.
  40. Repli-Kate – exceeded our low expectations by leaps and bounds! Got this just for the premise, as there was a desire for clone movies. It turned out quite cool, addressing gender roles with sci-fi, comedy, & romance. Yet another movie with Eugene Levy, the dad from American Pie. He is good, but only a secondary character. These guys clone a hot chick, and socialize her as a man (wanting sex, liking beer & sports, etc). Meanwhile, one of the guys is in love with the original clone. The ending is VERY appropriate, damn poetic if you ask me. “10 minutes of silence” ftw! Even the deleted scenes were all consistent funny. This movie is severely underrated/unknown.
  41. Saw 2 – a lot more fucked up, twisted, wrenching, disturbing…better and nearly flawless compared to the original… hooooooly shit…. Oh my God… I mean, really… It was a challenge to watch. Since seeing it, I have found out that the majority of people prefer Saw 1 to Saw 2. I don’t understand this at all. I think most people are novelty-driven, and thus incapable of enjoying good sequels (EX:Matrix). Saw 2 had more characters, more interplay between characters, more traps, more grandiose scheming, the most tortured screams I’ve ever heard, and incredible revelation relating to the first movie (which I wont spoil), and, if you ask me, a more twisted ending. Ironically, Saw 3 flashes back only to Saw 1 and not to Saw 2 (except a tiny bit at the beginning; 95% flashbacks are to Saw 1). It’s almost as if the creators want to ignore Saw 2 as well. I just don’t get it. It was more of a good thing. Much more.
  42. Serenity – FINALLY, closure for the ‘Firefly’ TV series. Excellent. All series that are prematurely canceled should come with movies tying up the loose ends and explaining things. Some sad stuff, however.
  43. Stepford Wives, The – Glenn Close is scary, yet … I want a Stepford wife! Seriously, though — Glen Close is freakin’ scary. And Christopher Walkin ain’t exactly the epitome of non-creepiness either. This movie wasn’t the greatest, but the cast helped save it.
  44. Transporter 2 – Carolyn liked it better than Transporter 1, but Clint wasn’t quite as sure. “Back To The Future music”, says Carolyn. And the bomb-thing was waaaay too far-fetched. You can’t ramp a car in mid-air, twist it around, and use a hook to scrape a bomb off your car. I don’t care how good you are. But overall it was a good movie with some creative fighting scenes (but not enough).
  45. Troma’s War (1989) – haha, Troma movies are fun, violent, disturbing, and humourous at the same time. Troma has been around for a long time, and this was supposed to be their first “serious” movie. Of course, seriousness is in the eye of the beholder. One character (who is generally a weapons expert in most movies, never appearing on camera except for this one) kicks some major ass in the movie, including continuing to fight people while literally being machine-gunned for 30+ seconds. This movie involves a planecrash on an island … So maybe there’s some appeal to Lost fans? There is a lot of pointless murder, a lot of bad dialog, and it was interesting looking up the actors on imdb. This is one of the better less-known Troma movies.
  46. Underworld – vampires vs werewolves… this goes with our theme this year: Freddy Vs Jason, Alien Vs Predator, wolves vs. vampires. This was pretty entertaining. A Grade A generic Hollywood action flick. You get exactly what you expect.
  47. Underworld: Evolution – good – more of the same. Werewolves Vs. Vampires is good. Many things from #1 were explained adequately. Sequels that help explain things / provide closure (e.g. Serenity) are helpful.
  48. Wedding Crashers – Funnier in the beginning… Predictable… Yet, this movie was thoroughly enjoyable to watch. Make sure to read the Rules Of Wedding Crashing over at IMDB. Good stuff!! Despite being predictable, it was full of “good stuff” worth seeing. Their antics are quite hilarious.
  49. Wild At Heart – David Lynch (who went to my dad’s highschool; I’ve seen the yearbook picture) is very obvious in the first half, but most of it just feels strangely like a Coen Bros movie… Nicolas Cage, in the desert, on parole… Isn’t that Raizing Arizona?!…We’d both seen Wild At Heart before, but didn’t fully remember it, so we decided to watch it again. It’s definitely a good romance movie. And damn Laura Dern is hot in this movie. However, the movie was way too long (a complaint I rarely make), and way too slow (a more frequent complaint). The ass-kicking at the end was interesting, and a great scene. Possibly the most memorable scene in the movie. Would Lynch consider that the “eye of the duck” scene? This movie definitely seemed like one of the most easy-to-follow David Lynch movies, which makes me feel like maybe I missed something. Was he just going for a straight love story? That doesn’t seem lik ehim. Usually his movies challenge me to the point where I don’t like them, but are interesting enough that I keep coming back for more. That’s a rare quality.
  50. BRIEFLY: Turkish Star Trek – last 10 minutes… holy shit that was crazy-cheesy in a way that is impossible to imagine. Unfortunately I deleted it for space, but I think it would be absolutely kick-ass to show this on a screen during a party. Maybe that’s just my own twisted aesthetic. A lot of these Turkish “re-do” movies are hilarious. Not just a lot. 100%, probably.
  51. ABORTED: The Constant Gardener – actually, the entire group aborted the movie. I personally just couldn’t bring myself to care, even though I care greatly about the real-world politics that were depicted in the movie. Maybe it was the mood we were in. This was the only movie in 2006 that we watched at someone else‘s place. Maybe we’re just accustomed to a big screen and loud sound — a small screen with people talking really makes me defocus and not care about the movie as much. When we watch, we worship the screen with our undivided attention. Everyone there was in conversation, in more of a party-mood. A consensus was reached (?) and the movie stopped playing.

Twin Peaks
– Fire Walk With Me – cast interview
… tons and tons and tons and tons of dvd extras from movies we’ve seen in 2005, 2006. 50+ gigabytes of VOB files format-shifted from dvds (which is how we watch all movies). I mean it. HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS of dvd extras.
… and the extras from The Transformers movie. (Clint mostly) The 1980s animated one, not the 2007 one. It wasn’t out in 2006. This list is 2006!
…I’m serious though. We watched a lot of extras. Next year I will keep better track of them. (And we did.)

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