So as I move around in the house (resituation upstiars), a lot of ad-hoc EVERYTHING (furniture, lights, hardware) had to be setup, and sometimes re-setup .. just re-adapting, day by day.  This is an email I wrote to my dad about my setting up of stereos.

the upstairs stereo (towards the front of the house) was always hooked up to the downstairs music (50 ft cable run through hole in ceiling).

but then i neede dan upstairs stereo towards the back of the house — for the tv and such. i WAS just using the computer speakers, and they actually can get too loud. now i y-adapt the mini-jack signal out to the computer speakers, but only use the subwoofer for those. with the hardwood floors it’s practically as loud as my huge subwoofer that you’re all-too-familiar with.

so anyway i noticed that under the crappy stereo upstairs-towards-front-playing-downstairs-music … was another steroe. i realized it was much better. problem: old stereo took those shitty rca-cable speakers. new stereo took REAL speaker wire .. like any good stereo.

so i moved the old stereo to the bedroom, taking it’s shitty rca-cable speakers with it.
took the “new” stereo undernearth of it and set it up upstairs-towards-front-of-house-playing-downstairs-music. then i noticed it was YOUR old stereo, haha.

i found these speakers downstairs – no idea where they came from.. carolyn said maybe kipp gave htem to us, saying they were acutlaly good. hooked ’em up…. LOUD, pretty bassy, your stero has to be set at like 2.5 volume and nudged very carefully to a sweet spot to not be too loud. it has no remote, and looks like something out of a 1970s kubrik scifi 2001-type movie.

interesting: if i pressed the mode button on your stereo, it would mute the downstairs music. there’s no real explanation for how that’s possible other than strange phenomenon with induction over all the split signal wires… THat’s why nowadays i only play music through optical audio connectors; they get none of that electrical bullshit.

anyway At that point I realized — this stereo is pretty good, and so are these damn speakers. i’m not going to buy a new receiver for upstairs right away; i don’t want to rush, i want to research. this will be what i listen to for 7-10+ years.

so i decided to take your stereo to the back-of-upstairs-for-the-hdtv/home-theatre sound, and set up those speakers there. with the computer-speakers-subwoofer providing sub duties. no center or rear (rears are in-place other ‘found’ large speakers). not that your old receiver would know what to do with that. it has stereo “A” and “B”. i may as well wire up the back of the room for “B” so that later when i get a real stereo it will already be speaker-wire-run. but i want to get fancy $1-per-foot speaker wire, so i’m looking at close to $100.

So at this point, I had just undone the upgrade i had done for upstairs-towards-front-playing

-downstairs-music ….. it was originally the shitty-rca-cable-speaker old-carolyn-stereo, i had upgraded to your-1970s-scifi-stereo, but had deemed that too good. So I had to downgrade back to Carolyn’s stereos – bring the speakers back in from the bedroom.

It was at that point that I found, undernearth pillows and blankets, an 8-track cassette player with FM reception, which also use the shitty-rca-cable-speakers. Interesting. I am broadcasting on FM radio to get central music to my house, so despite not having any inputs (i think there was a phono in maybe), it was what was needed. but i had taken the speakers back to the main room (for upstairs-towards-front-playing-downstairs-music). so i needed more speakers.

my computer speakers would be good… I was only using the subwoofer, so i could break up the set. Perhaps that’s what I should have done. But I took Carolyn’s computer speakers instead … mine look and sound better, she can have them out here if she wants them. So now Carolyn’s computer speakers are hooked up to an 8-track cassette player receiving an FM broadcast of MP3s playing out my new computer …. It’s like the music has to travel decades in time back.

i listen to upstairs music when i’m upstairs, but when we sleep or carolyn cooks or we are otherwise on 2 floors and need to share the music on both floors, it’s downstairs music. because only downstairs can be played on both floors — yet. soon, upstairs music will be able to go downstairs as well. at which point, downstairs will be completely a backup system in case upstairs fails at any point or needs to be turned off.

End Rant.


Don’t even get me started on X10, or some of the scripting to have ultra-control of what and where the music comes from.