December 2007

Playboy model roughed up. Couple jailed over Christmas for cigarette out window. Trendy New York bars. (more…)

Women no longer need to have periods. Douchebag officer Randy Cosens repeatedly tasers 13-year-old girl as she lay restrained on a hospital gurney. And check out how the cops torture people using these restraint chairs. (more…)

    N. J. law bans some sex offenders from the Web — for life.   I’m sorry, but this is bullshit. You have constitutional rights, EVEN WHEN IN PRISON, let alone AFTER you have served your sentence. This is a violation of free speech — by denying free expression — by denying access to a public service. “No internet for YOU!”  And what if someone uses the internet for their job?  Oh yea, I forgot: Sex offenders are to become pariahs, unable to work at any job, or live at any establishment. Jobless and living under a bridge in desparation, our children will somehow be made safer. Because driving criminals underground always makes children safer. (Sarcasm.) (more…)

      Armagnac (drink).  WTO/Antigua vs. USA = free stuff. (more…)

      Merry fucking Christmas! Man surrounded interrogated, humiliated, photographed, banned from Tyrone Square Mall for life because he couldn’t find his car!   Also: School To Continue Electric ShockWho owns fandom? (more…)

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      Remember, tasers are justified to be substitutes for DEADLY FORCE only. Claudia Wright, Mike Chitwood: Fuck you. Turns out that yes, she was using her own credit card. She was guilty of accidentally leaving her credit card at the counter. That was her crime. Are you telling me that, pre-taser, she would have been beaten or shot? Is that supposed to make us feel better? (more…)

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