So the fucking MAILMAN chewed me out today for not answering the doorbell! He was like, “You’re telling me you were home when I rang the bell yesterday” and was just … out of his truck, at my door, telling me “next time I come it’s going back to the P.O.”.

Y’know, I despise vendors that make you sign, because otherwise you have to go to the P.O. before Noon on a Saturday to pick up your package. But I need to mail stuff too, so it’s no skin off my back if I have to go to the P.O. on a day I don’t have to work!

What I don’t need is some blue-collar postal schmuck getting on MY case because I can’t hear the doorbell in the newly constructed wing of the house. And I listen to loud music all the time.

Anyway, nice of the U.S. government to deliver christmas cheer when delivering christmas presents to my house.

I know my way around the postal bureaucracy a bit. I think I’m gonna call in a complaint. He’s basically upset that he has to attempt delivery 3 times, but that’s their job. That’s what they are frickin’ paid for.

Oh, and I found a wireless doorbell in a box in the attic just recently. We set it the indoor component yesterday. What’s been keeping me from setting up the outdoor component? Lack of heat makes me not want to go out there!