December 2007

I randomly thought of 2 related childhood anecdotes that I “need to blog about”. (I put this in quotes because it’s not truly a need, but I would like to write down some of these memories before I forget them completely.) They both involve me burning myself with an object… (more…)

Absinthe comeback. Sex offender who raped 37-yo woman murdered by parole parent with little boy. (more…)

    Washing machine cat is not amusedCharity To Pay Copyright Fee So Kids Can Sing Carols. (more…)

      Maddox: on CompUSAOPECFY! (more…)

      Max Headroom! Two articles relating to the war on drugs today – including how having a bible in your car can be used as probabl cause for searching your vehicle! What bullshit! Bush: A Timeline. Cops can rape crackheads on duty and keep their job. Virginia. Fuck Western Digital.


      1201!  And why?  I’m not sure.  Suddenly a post I wrote about my back hurting and weird dreams I had got really popular. It seems I used an image of a nuke, and put what it was in the filename, and now people get to it through google images constantly.  Like 100+ a day. I don’t think any of them are reading the post, but still.  Finally broke 1000.  At 239K now, we’ll see if my prediction on when I hit 250K comes true.

      California testers find flaws in ES&S voting machines. E&S sounds as bad as Diebold! Paper seals & locks were all easily bypassed, BIOS could be reconfigured to boot off a thumbdrive, allowing anybody to do anything they want with the data. And speaking of the data, critical system files stored as plaintext (not encrypted). And theprotocols that transmit the data transmit it unencrypted (you wouldn’t protect democracy as much as your latest credit card purchase?!?). This allows for any number of man-in-the-middle attacks. Clint Curtis might have something to say on this:


        Department Of “Justice” sides with the RIAA$9,250 per song is not “so severe and oppressive as to be wholly disproportioned to the offense or obviously unreasonable.”‘ Oh really? If an album contains 12 songs, that’s $111,000.  Are you telling me that if a kid went into a record store and stole a cd, $111,000 would not be “so severe and oppressive as to be wholly disproportioned to the offense or obviously unreasonable.”‘????  Or is it the fact that OMG IT’S ON THE INTRNETZ that makes them think this is somehow fair. Perhaps they view it as “hundreds of people downloading”. Except that the burden in this case was changed, the day before the verdict, to account for simply “making available”.  So I guess if I left a gun in my yard, I would be “making available” hundreds of murders.  They may as well put me in the electric chair.  9000 times.
        GOOD ARTICLE: The rush to clear police in shootings – part 1 of 2 (among the asshole list: Officer Anthony Blake, Officer David Rodriquez, Officer Robert Haile)

        Do not plug the UPS into itself accidentally.  Especially when you have $3500 of hardware hooked up to it.

        Bush Jr (R): John Roberts, Samuel Alito [R]
        Clinton (D): Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Stephen Breyer [D]
        Bush Sr (R): Clarence Thomas, David Souter [D]
        Reagan (R): Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy [R]
        Ford (D): John Paul Stevens [D]
        Nixon (D): Rehnquist [D]

        And hurts my back.  Jesus.  Insane pain. Earlier today I had to audibly yelp just to walk at some points. (Play a pain threshold game with me sometime; I bet I’ll win. I complain easier than most … And heal far slower than most … which may lead some to falsely conclude I have a low pain threshold. )  Running equaled some amount of screaming. I suppose I could try to subdue myself, but I’m not sure what I’d gain in that … I once refused to sneeze for a period of about 3 years (I “absorbed” them when they came… It was very hard), and I’m not sure what it gained me, if anything. Semi-related: Funny thing about sneezing — The eyeballs-flying-out-if-your-eyes-are-open thing freaked me out a bit, but I never believed it.  At least, not until when I repeatedly tried to sneeze with my eyes open, and they would always close, no matter how hard I tried. This lead me to at least believe that it may be possible for your eyeballs to fly out, if you sneeze with them open. They say a sneeze has the force of a hurricane.  Then again, snopes probably knows. But fuck snopes. I’m here to ramble, not debunk myself!  Anyway… A lot of that stuff up there is junk, and a lot of it I’m extremely thankful I kept. Like the doorbell. I had forgotten about that. Now I need it, and it’s installed. It wouldn’t have been in optimal post-addition placement previously. Nor would it have been of any use (range was not enough to go to downstairs, but now the doorball is near the spiral stairwell, where it can be heard on both floors.)  Had to update the attic box catalog at some point.  The one box that we went through ended up with about 80% of stuff leaving the house, but I think some other boxes will have a lower “fatality” rate.  Ok. I’m done rambling. My back hurts and I want heat. I’m going to watch Heroes in 720P now. KTHXBAI

        Also: black man tased within 45 seconds of being pulled over for going 5MPH over speed limit on thanksgiving. This MPAA shit is hilarious too; they pirated code and used a software product to stop pirates. So when the original coders found out, they contacted the ISP, who pulled the plug on the MPAA! Fight fire with fire, a rare victory in the technology war.

        But that saddest thing I have read… Possibly all year, is the story of Lynn DeJac. Prosecutors made a deal with the alleged real murderer, granting him immunity from prosecution. She went to jail for THIRTEEN YEARS for killing her own daughter (also 13 years old). THEY FOUND THE A GUY’S CUM DNA IN THE DEAD 13 YEAR OLDS VAGINA, AND HIS BLOOD ON HER WALLS. Original detectives believe he is guilty.

        So What is the logical thing for the prosecutor Frank Clark to do now that she is released? TRY HER AGAIN! What the fuck?! Imagine your boyfriend kills your daughter, then you go to jail 13 years, then you get out, and now you’re on trial again, despite DNA evidence! Despite the fact that the police were called on Dennis Donahue (the boyfriend) the night before. Despite the fact that Donahue followed the 13-year-old as she went to bars (WTFx2). Despite Donahue allegedly pulling a knife on a random guy the day before. Despite the fact Donahue was arrested for murdering another woman later!

        Double jeopardy for the mother, no justice for the child, and the murderer goes free. I think Frank Clark might be one of the sickest fucking prosecutors I’ve ever seen. That jurisdiction quite literally made a deal with the devil to get a conviction — and now that the conviction is overturned, they are trying her again to save face.

        Frank Clark should be fired for dereliction of duty, and Lynn DeJac should sue for no less than $100M. In fact, part of the reason they are going to re-try her is probably because if they manage to get a conviction, she wont be able to sue as easily. They’re not just saving face, they’re saving money. Perfectly logical, right? (more…)

        These “Voldo Scissors” were the awesomest scissors EVER. Standard U.S. govt issue, like what my dad had when he grew up. But this was my grandfather’s government-issued scissors. They literally don’t make them the way they used to. These things were sooooo huge — you could cut through carpet. They could easy run through an entire human being. They are literally weapon-class (handles are metal, not plastic-covered!).
        And… the cat broke them?!?! Must be a combination of events: Scissors on the pool table (best place to wrap presents if you have back problems; still too low), lack of heat (house is a good 10-20 degrees colder than usual, which makes metal a bit more brittle), and of course the age of the scissors themself. They dropped to the ground, and the metal blade (11.75 inches counting the handle — yes, they are frickin’ HUGE scissors) simply snapped in two! I was sleeping on the couch as Carolyn got ready for work. Beavis is lucky, because that blade could have easily gone through his skull. And I have no doubt that those scissors could, once impaled, cut their way out of the skull. Moment of silence for the best scissors ever. (Read on for pics.)

        So the fucking MAILMAN chewed me out today for not answering the doorbell! He was like, “You’re telling me you were home when I rang the bell yesterday” and was just … out of his truck, at my door, telling me “next time I come it’s going back to the P.O.”.

        Y’know, I despise vendors that make you sign, because otherwise you have to go to the P.O. before Noon on a Saturday to pick up your package. But I need to mail stuff too, so it’s no skin off my back if I have to go to the P.O. on a day I don’t have to work! (more…)

          LIVEJOURNAL: LiveJournal sold to Russian media company SUP. Interesting news. Interesting discussion. (more…)

          So, since getting the system up in 1/2005, the air conditioning broke twice in the summer of 2005,  the heat broke in the winter of 2005, the heat broke again in the winter of 2006, and the air conditioning broke in the summer of 2007, and now the heat broke again in the summer of 2008.  Now, this system was installed by people hired by Virginia Design Builders/ Dan Lopez of Laurel, MD.  The contract price was $10,000 for the upgrade (as one stage of a $72,000 job that cost $84,000 or so).  It pretty much took 3 or 4 men a week to install it.  For multiple repairs, the repairman has not understood what has gone wrong, but just happened to make it work again.  Supposedly Dan Lopez has retired, but his children are running his company in Maryland.  Beware. I expect such incompetence in managing a project to be hereditary.

          I have managed to determine that perl’s substitution operator no longer considers “\n” to be matched with the “.” regular expression character. Since when is \n not part of “any” character?! WTF??? Actually, it’s even worse than that; having “\n” in a string just seems to break regular expression matching altogether.  This makes NO sense and should NOT be happening. I just rebooted too. (more…)

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