December 2007

    And of course, How Sony censored the Father Christmas cartoonLakota Sioux IndiansLesbian pride. (more…)

    22 minutes to make an appointment. 13 of which they verified that my doctor quit.  I received a letter 5 weeks ago saying this. But they woudln’t believe their own fucking letter!  My last doctor died…

    Time to play the predicting game again. I predicted the last 50,000 hits within 48 hrs, a full 2 months early — but I did so accidentally using messed up math and calendar misunderstandings, so it’s pretty serendipitous because had I done the math right I’d be way off.  Anyway, it took me 78 days for 2 50,000s ago, and 66 days for the last 50,000.   At that rate of growth, the next 50,000 should be 55.8 days – Valentine’s Day.  We’ll see.  I’m apparently not as good at this prediction game as I thought.  My math is all messed up now.

    The Simpsons house – I haven’t seen The Simpsons house in quite awhile. And a flickr photostream is the #1 way I would choose to view such a thing (with PicLens to view full-screen!) (more…)

      Just to get things straight — a speeding tractor trailer, full of bricks, that had bad brakes crashed into 2 cars, killing 4.  New Jersey douchebag attorney William B. Ziff files lawsuit against widowed family members for reimbursement for repairs to the road.  Lawsuit canceled only after bad press.  (In other words, if you were, say, a poor black family that the media didn’t care about — the lawsuit would probably continue.)   Due to the way the law works, this means they can no longer collect the money from the actual responsible party: The trucking corporation. Sure seems like a bribe to me.  It seems like typical government licking the boots of big business. This was a “clerical error”? What the fuck? (more…)

      PigsFlickr Stats! (more…)

      Now that Flickr has stats, I thought I’d share mine. Just for the hell of it. 1 million views! w00t. Of course, my old personal webpage is almost up to 2 million. (more…)

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