I’ve wanted to blog about a lot of crap, but I always have crap to do. Even with no job. So anyway, this is my new year’s catchup post. LOTS OF PARTY PICTURES INCLUDED!

Thanks to everyone who came out: AE, Ben, Bunnelanie & her horny-for-Mark sister, Carrie & husband, Chris Y, Christian & Shannon, Dan & Erin, Darren & Debbie, Eli, Evan, Gene & Heather, Greg & Nicole, Jason, Jason & Anna, Jay, Jeremy, Joe, John The Canadien, Jon B, Justin, Mandy M, Mark, Melanie S and her couple-friend, Parthena & Peter, Sammy, and Tabbitha, and a couple random people who’s names I don’t remember (that’s about 41 people, counting Carolyn & I).

Eric A:Where were you?
Eve:Too bad you got sick.
Jen R:You gotta come out one of these times.
Britt:Taking a nap is a lame excuse,sister.
People who came but never RSVP’ed to the evite: It’s 3 clicks!
People who opened the evite but didn’t respond: That’s only 2 more clicks!


In traditional style, people didn’t start showing up until wayyy after the 8:30PM start time. By 9:30PM there were maybe 4-6 of us, so we watched a couple episodes of the new mindblowingly-strange adultswim comed Xavier Renegade Angel (from the makers of Wonder Showzen). Suddenly, people started pouring in. In the space of 20 specific minutes, the crowd probably doubled.

The air was full of smoke, but Parthena & Peter survived pretty much for the long haul:

Wonderful foods appeared on our kitchen table (you guests were crazy for not eating every last chocolate truffle cooked by Shannon & Christian I believe–but I begrudgingly ate them, sparing their feelings of rejection).

truffles and other good stuff!
Truffles, and other delectables.

Synchronized music poured out of the upstairs stereo, downstairs stereo (wiring:1 hour), kitchen boombox, utility-room boombox and another radio in the bathroom (which someone kept shutting off–why???). Most of our party lights (including the kitchen spinny-light) were moved upstairs:

So downstairs was rather… normal looking. By comparison.

Except it was purple — and a lot of people hadn’t seen the purple yet. Hell, some hadn’t even seen the spiral stairs yet, so I’m sure things were “strange enough”. Multiple new people remarked it was the coolest and most interesting house they’d been in, and that was cool to hear. The cleaning up and moving furniture around and cleaning clutter definitely helped the party vibe. It will be even better when we’re “done done” with the house.

Carolyn showed her strobe-string-spinny-light-trippy-thing to everyone, and everyone seemed to enjoy it:

They also all enjoyed Beavis‘s company:

“Come on up and see me sometime.”

Carolyn didn’t quite sexually harass as many people Friday as she did Monday at Eli‘s New Year’s party:

But other people did:

Anna was pretty damned drunk when she arrived — there was a dinner party with 12 or so people who all came here afterwards.
I think she sexually harassed me. Nah, who am I kidding?… I liked it…

I don’t remember the fur jacket……!
We got nicer gin this time. Eli makes good Gin & Tonics too!
(And I don’t even really like gin.) (But it’s making a comeback.)
Here is Eli featured with his camping egg-carrier, which I got him for xmas because I happened to see it — since he’s the only one with a level of culinary intensity to actually bring eggs into a non-refrigerated, camping setting. So he may as well not break ’em.
Carolyn’s brother unexpedly showed up.
(He’s not even on the evite!)
He did manage to accidentally light a paper towel on fire.
It’s always something…

“Texas Is The Reason That The President’s Dead”, photo by AE (as are all the black-bordered photos here).


Next up was Eli‘s New Year’s party, where they had 300 JELLO INJECTORS (you can get them at CoolBarStuff). You had to get a $1 ticket, and then get the injector, so there was some management to be done. (But I got the bought-but-unclaimed last 1 or 2 at the end of the night!)

Bandolier! Or Jellolier?
This is how they were served!

Happy to have the primary colors.

There were also at least 13 kinds of chili:

Carolyn’s is on the lower-left.
There will be notes when this shows up on my flickr.

Of course, the chili was quite awesome. Being able to sample each one, and appreciate the differences was great. People even ate Carolyn’s ground turkey Chili Cheese Mac (it has macaroni in it)… I thought people my be put off by the macaroni. Eli‘s “Got Game” was excellent, with venison Eli got hunting (sounds like a delicious videogame to me–shoot, then eat chili). The Velvet Revolver was popular, and sadly I didn’t have as much of that as I should have. I pretty much liked them all, some more than others. But they were ALL awesome. And romaine lettuce too — fuck that iceberg shit!

And the most important component for New Year’s: A shitload of people:

As featured on KitchenParty.com

The upstairs kitchen, living room, dining room were totally packed.
The garage (smoking) constantly had 4-10+ people in it.
Eli’s room downstairs wasn’t really trafficked in much.
The upstairs got used a bit some too. Usually people were up there.

Anyway, because of a semi-recent alcohol binge, a more recnet illness, and heartburn issues that seemed to only affect drinking beer, I could only drink Jello Shots.

How many did I consume: SEVENTEEN!!! YEA BABY!
And mind you, each one of these is the equivalent of at least two “normal” jello-shooters-in-a-cup.

(that might be a cue to make them stronger, but then again, they took all night to work through, so perhaps it was the precisely right amount of alcohol)
Alan is a cool guy, and acknowledges that he looks like Sylar on Heroes.
The best part was the story someone told me that his friends call him the Sylar of Honda CRXs. He’ll see one, decide “I must have it”, somehow acquires it from the owner, and then will take parts out and put them into his Honda CRX. The parallels are downright scary — and pretty damn funny!!

Carolyn looked beautiful as always:

The she got really drunk. And grabby.

Freaked out yet? (grab victim)

There was also a 2AM bout of re-heated chili. Eli‘s had venison in it that he killed himself. NOTHING tastes as good as murder! I also made mash-ups of different chilis; I put Eli‘s in another. That may be culinary sacrilege, but it was sacrilicious.

Anyway, I was the last man standing this time — and BOTH parties were awesome!


5:25AM. 17 jello injectors later.
I’m wrecked.
Everyone else has gone to bed.