But one funny thing today: Vinyl Sleeve Heads, a collection of people holding vinyl albums over their face, integrating themselves into the cover art. Woman goes into labor in jail; multiple shifts of nurses mock her; refuse to call ambulance; baby comes out, lands on head, blood all over the cell, umbilical cord ripped by gravity; obvious justified lawsuit ensues. In fact, the nurses involved should not only be fired and banned from all health care jobs for life — but they should be charged with reckless endangerment and child endangerment as well. For every day that baby has to suffer, they should spend 10 behind bars for their total dereliction of duty. Baby was innocent! Baby did nothing! Dumbshit D.C. cop Talika Moore caught on video spitting at club bouncer who wouldn’t let her in because she was falling over. Of course the thugish D.C. police only filed charges against dumbshit Talkia Moore when the video surfaced. Cops get a free pass, usually. This is why videoing them, and ensuring our right to do so, is the only check left in the system that doesn’t require making a lawyer rich. Another day, another taser death. Of course it’s “Excited Delirium”, not the taser, that killed him. (DOUBLETHINK!) And it’s all for the war on drugs, of course. Remember: Illegal drugs kill approximately the same number of people every year as aspirin overdoses. Don’t believe the hype. (more…)