Thursday, January 10th, 2008

So, yesterday I talked about how happy I was that I got my PS2 working again, after Starland failed to repair it. The cd/dvd drawer was jamming, and I thought if I had to fight to get it open AND fight to get it closed, that it would eventually die. To save the PS2, I had to go back in. To save the PS2, I had to destroy it. ARGH. (more…)

Swedish Politicians Strike Blows at Copyright Lobby, meanwhile AT&T and Other ISPs getting ready to sniff your private network traffic, and block it if they decide it’s copyrighted.  Expect false positives to destroy all derivative work such as parodies.  Montgomery County, Maryland, cops are jealous douchebags — don’t date their girlfriends, or they’ll file false charges against you Man severely beat because police think maybe he had his truck radio too loudlyEight Toronto Canada Police Officers Can’t Remember Swearing, Despite Audio Tape To Refresh Their Memory.  Except for the Swedish politicians, you’d think this planet was populated by a new species: Homo Douchbagians. (more…)