Friday, January 11th, 2008

I’ve never burped and had it taste like burnt plastic before. WTF?!?!?!

In possibly-related news, Carolyn cooked a new meal tonight, “scalloped tomatoes”. It was the best vegetarian meal I’ve ever eaten. We were both completely stuffed with only 400 calories. Of course we were both hungry again in 4 hrs, but that’s usual for me.

And, even less related: that new “Sunflower” vegetarian restaurant on Route 7? Teh suck! There’s sooooo many vegetarian meals I could have enjoyed, but they managed to screw every menu item up….There was nothing good. I stared at the menu for 20 minutes, made my best guess, and could barely get it down. I tried others’ meals, and every one was completely unpleasant. They even made noodles with tomato sauce that had something crunchy and disgusting in them — I didn’t know you could screw up noodles, but apparently if you pay, you can get a cook skilled enough to do so. Crunchy noodles? Okay, I admit it: I’m anti-crunch most of the time. The *company* was great (shoutout to Meagan/Glen/Angel/Ian/Lauren/Ryan) but I wont be convinced to return. Ever. They hardly had any foods that used my favorite veggies: tomatoes and cucumbers. Everything was mushrooms or other weird veggies I’ve never heard of. How about a standard Ceasar Salad? Is that so hard? Ugh. Carolyn’s scalloped tomatoes were 10X better than anything Sunflower had to offer. Sunflower should totally serve this recipe.

And yes, I originally just wanted to post about my burp, but it unexpectedly turned into a rant when I realized the burp came from vegetarian food that was far better than that I’ve paid for. Time to edit my subject line! Sunday for my birthday I’m checking out Rio Grande with my family — should be good. I love Mexican food (yes, it’s Mexican, not Peruvian or Salvadorian) more than any other ‘genre’.

I’ve had the Overly-Harsh Punishments tag for quit some time, indicating how people get FUCKED FOR LIFE by the simplest things. Cop blocks driveway, you ask him to move, now you can never work in a security-cleared job again. Shit like that. But there’s a flipside to the coin — cops who do even worse things, but get extremely lenient punishments… Or no punishment at all! This is just as bad. Both phenomenon must be brought to light. Thus, the new tag: Underly-Harsh Punishments.  I have back-tagged my old stories as well.

Woman ABOUT TO DIE -- summarily executed for the crime against humanity of doing drugs -- notice how fucking cheerful the scumbag fascist cop that's leading her to her death is?Dildos in Texas! Cartoons in a post-911 world. New Bush coins. 41yo cop fucks 16yo girl after arresting her, drunk-driving cop, and cop who killed a 4yo boy ALL go free — would you?. Compassionless douchebag. Stop drug Executions!! (more…)

Nice to know I match Carolyn the most — as usual. (OKCupid has verified this too…)

Add us as a netflix friend by sending a frend request to “clintandcarolyn at acm d0t vt d0t edu”….

My brain chemistry is weird right now, so I’ve dreamed 2 nites in a row. This is VERY rare for me, as I often only remember 1-2 dreams in a year.  2 nights ago, it was something terrifying and frantic. I don’t remember what.  Last night, I dreamed it was Thursday night (just like in real life), and I was hanging out with friends, having a good time. It was a lot of fun. I was disappointed to wake up.   I also never remember dream details; it’s always a vague impression.

Being the sanest candidate in certain areas doesn’t mean you’ll get my vote if you are insane in other areas. Obama wants to step up the drug war despite having done cocaine/drugs himself (just like Bush!, just like Clinton!) . Ron Paul wants to stop all abortion and force a bunch of unwanted babies on society. (Did you know crime dropped significantly exactly 18 years after Roe V. Wade?) Meh. I’ll vote, as I always do, but it’s doubtful it will be one of the major candidates. They’re always fucked.

And no, voting for the winner doesn’t garner you a prize, and your vote isn’t worth more if you vote for the winner. Your vote is always one vote, no matter how you vote. The people who “Waste” their votes are the ones who knowingly vote for douchebags because they think that to vote for a loser somehow costs you. It doesn’t. One vote is always one vote. The value of the number “1” does not change based on who won.

I’m impressed that it’s still around. (Been watching Jason Scott’s 8-part BBS documentary.)
Anyone remember WWIVNet and WWIVLink? Similar. (I could ’email’ across the country before any human being I had ever known [self included] had ever glimpsed the internet….And I should add I was the first human being I knew on the internet, and knew 0 other ones who were on it…until I got to college….)