I’ve been grabbing a lot of episodes of “cartoons that never should have been” lately. Not for watching, but mostly for having. And laughing at. And fast-forwarding through. And getting a feel of how bad they were. I present you with screenshots from “Teen Wolf: The Animated Series” (1986) (imdb link here).

Check out the theme!:

Even worse is the fact that there are 2 closing themes: The standard credits-with-a-closing-theme, but also a “song” at the end of every episode, featuring a mostly-live-action-looking Teen Wolf. I don’t know if this was to “humanize” him more and to link him more to the movie, but either way: OH THE HORROR:

I have looked into the face of evil… And it is mankind. OR at least, wolfkind. What the hell is this anyway, Parker Lewis meets Teen Wolf?!?!?!

You can see an act of an episode right here (skip over the theme song):

And there are tons more Teen Wolf:TAS videos on YouTube found HERE.

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