i can haz websiet? 24: 1994 Pilot – Jack Bauer saves w/AOL. The Library Of Congress is on flickr! Virginia House Of Delegates Passes Salvia Divinorum Ban. WAKE UP: It’s Safer to Be a Cop Than a Farmer. Taser death. Sucker-tasing of innocent caught on cam. “Human Fear” weapon uses pheromones.

  • CNN posted this awhile ago, but CNN sucks and takes their stories down later!  Assholes!
  • This editorial really captures the essence of these statistics in a much better fashion.
  • For reference, fishermen die at a rate 6.48X that of cops.
  • Paramilitary SWAT raids are bullshit.
  • Cops don’t typically get killed in SWAT raids.
  • It’s just an excuse for the police to act like the army.
  • It’s just an excuse to kill innocent people.
  • Police are cowards.  They’re scared to death of something that’s statistically more likely to happen to a garbage man.
  • Serve and protect my ass.  They’re just covering theirs.
  • “Jack — the file is too big to download!”
    “How big is it?”
    “3 floppies!”
  • This is a pretty damn funny parody, and the best video in CollegeHumor’s “24” section.
  • It imagines the FOX show “24”, but with 1994 technology.
  • CTU uses AOL for internet access.
  • A ridiculous amount of references to outdated technology!
  • Officers reponsible: Wade Ericson, Joe Froemke, Brian Helget, Tim Koehler, Troy McCormack.
  • I mean, you’re a father going to the airport to pick up your mom.
  • Just how uncooperative are you going to be when you’re going to see family?
  • Oh I’m sorry, he had minor convictions before.
  • I guess he wears the scarlet letter of being able to be justifiably murdered at any time?
  • Maybe he was stoned.  That should be legal too.
  • Where was the ambulance?
  • Who was being protected and served?
  • I’d like to see the dash-cam video.