February 2008

http://www.acm.vt.edu/~clint/download/imagedump/captain-america-thumbnail.jpgAmerican becomes the first country in the world to incarcerate over 1% of its population in prison (during my lifetime, anyway). Please don’t tell me this is the land of the free. There is a higher percentage of freeer people in every other country on the planet! Granted, you wont see me moving to Rwanda or Darfur or Iraq anytime soon — but the fact remains that no other country on the planet imprisons as high of a percentage of their prisoners as us. And we’ve almost doubled THAT in the last 10 years! Also, I believe we are the 2nd-highest executor (China beats us by a landslide). Just keep this in mind when they ask your kid to pledge allegiance to a flag that is supposed to allegedly stand for the land of the free.

https://i2.wp.com/prospectknights75.org/images/used/garfield-coffee.jpgThe peer-reviewed journal research article behind the news stories about antidepressants working no better than a placebo. This link was going to disappear from New Scientist story (New Scientist wants a subscription), so I needed to save it. Speaking of mental health, apparently if you take Garfield out of Garfield, you get a comic strip about Jon Arbuckle: A deranged schizophrenic man who talks to himself. It’s twistedly funny. Check out this comedy gold: Garfield minus Garfield. And also speaking of crazy — you know the RIAA lawsuits against the very fans who fund them? These were for the artists, right? WRONG! No artist has seen a penny. Just like the karaoke licensing scam, the artists don’t actually get any of this money, so it’s foolish to support such licensing under the guise of “protecting the artists”. So here’s the article: RIAA Keeps Settlement Money, Artists May Sue. http://www.acm.vt.edu/~clint/download/imagedump/police-brutality-thumbnail.jpgStill, the RIAA isn’t as bad as Asshole Officers James Bryant and Chris Webley of Coquille — some guy broke a windshield, so, during the arrest, they broke his neck. He is now on a respirator for life. Of course the police think this is totally acceptable — after all, the guy swung at them! (Or so they say.) What this article doesn’t mention is that it’s more dangerous to be a fisherman, taxi driver, or garbage man, than it is to be a cop. They hurt people not out of self-defense, but unjustified paranoia. Douchebags!

20060921 - after the retina appointment - 0665 - dye made Carolyn's pee day-glo yellowJust wanted to get that off my shelf shoulder chest. The plumbers were just here yesterday, to fix multiple dripping sinks, and install a new faucet in the bathroom. I didn’t have them replace the shower-head, since I thought it would be easy. And the next thing I know, the entire bathtub spout falls off. And our shower comes out of the bathtub spout (there is a kind with a shower-head adapter on the bottom, it’s common enough to be sold at Home Depot). Attempts to hook the shower directly to the pipe coming out of the wall turned out to be quite leaky, and Home Depot can’t find a replacement hose because they have rearranged the store in the last 2 weeks. So I got a new faucet… Can I get it on a rusty pipe? A lifetime of past experiences predicts I will waste an hour of my time and get zero out of it. Already been to Home Depot twice today.

At least, as of the plumbers coming yeterday, we can have hot water in the bathroom, use our spray gun again, use the dishwasher, and washer/dryer again, and don’t need 3 different buckets for leaks.   But now — there’s no way to take a shower!  The 2nd shower is operationa, but it needs a re-tiling/grouting, because the water just runs into the wall instead of the drain.  We took one shower with it, once, to test it out, and since then it has been “storage for potentially wet items” (post-camping camping gear goes here sometimes, or coolers).  Right now, we have that shower, and then a bathtub, with no shower head, no shower pipe, and no faucet — just a pipe sticking out of the wall. Ghetto.

http://www.acm.vt.edu/~clint/download/imagedump/clint_-_avatar_-_simpsons_(200706)_-_tripped_out.jpg“EMBIGGENS”: Scientific American. The best question in the interview: Have any of your colleagues recognized your use of the word? The answer is great!

Here’s a song they will never play, and have probably not played live for over 20 years: “Revenge”. It’s from their 1983 pop/new wave album “With Sympathy”. They burned the originals a few years later, and went into the industrial direction instead, ultimately becoming a hard metal-industrial fusion. So anyway, this video is very funny to a Ministry fan who hasn’t been exposed to their super-early stuff. So here it is, the best song from their worst album:

Click image to go to a flickr set of many songs expressed by graph… But this one was the best (for me).

Okay, I didn’t even listen to Pixies a year ago, and still only know 1 album, but I have to say that “Hey” is a damn good song, like my favorite song for the past few months. So I was watching a different cover of the song on YouTube every day, and… Well, you just have to experience it for yourself. Listen for the dying cow after “been tryin’ to meet you”:

Please find the comment that says “you sound like a dying cow in the beginning” (2nd page) and click the thumbs up. Carolyn can never hear this song again without imagining a cow. Best comment ever.

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