Saturday, February 9th, 2008

The Torture State’s Domestic Face – covering Hope Steffey, restraint chairs, strip-searches, and other egregious abuses of authority, often stemming from very minor charges….  This is a good article, and summarizes several horrible things that have happened with the police lately. Bad, bad stuff. Some of which I have covered before. For example, police using a restraint chair to turn a paraplegic into a quadriplegic.  Using a restraint chair on someone already paralyzed is completely insane. (more…)

Thanks to my post about idiot douchebag Judge Willie Adams, I have received a record number of views in 1 day: 1,928.  This breaks the previous record of 1201 by a whopping 60%.  Also, I had predicted on Dec 21, 2007 (when I reached 250,000 views), that I would reach 300,000 views on Feb 14, 2008.  This post might make me reach my target slightly early, due to the sudden rush of folks who hate Judge Willie Adams.  There were even 50 people in 1 day who clicked on the CNN link Carolyn posted as a comment.  That one post got 700 views in a 24-hr period. Also: January was a record month, with 29,306 views, or 945 every day.

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