I thought I would share this decade-old South Park-related douchebaggery. Now, I’ve been a South Park fan since the Jesus Vs. Frosty short, a good year or two before the series aired. I showed everyone I knew, and anyone close to me heard of South Park from me first. So I was fighting this “J.L.” character from the start. I really wish I had the response I sent him on record, but this is from a TXT file on my harddrive. Anyway, just look at the backlash, already forming before South Park even aired. It’s amazing the levels of douchitude people will go through to stop something they haven’t even seen yet. I hope Toonster’s animation career failed, because I can only see him animating Christian cucumbers. And those all belong inside of the Virgin Mary….

Anyway, here is the old newsgroup posting. A flame war between me and him did erupt, but that’s long-gone.
From: carolyn@cray-ymp.acm.stuorg.vt.edu Tue Sep 23 11:35:18 1997
To: CLINT <clint@cray-ymp.acm.stuorg.vt.edu>
Subject: listen to this dumbass!

From: “J.L.” <toonster@geocities.com>
Newsgroups: alt.fan.disney.gargoyles
Subject: So much for quality cartoons…

I’m seventeen years old, and I’m getting really scared. We keep crossing lines we’d not have dared to cross in even the recent past. And what really bothers me is that I don’t see the people protesting this stuff anymore. I used to have faith that the good people of the earth wouldn’t let it get this bad, but now I find myself *searching* for those people and finding only those on the opposing side. The people who support that which I fight against. Where are our morals?

I am an aspiring animator with big ideas and hopes for the future. But lately, my own future does not seem so hopeful as it once had. Suddenly, my worst nightmares are breaking into what used to be my sanctuaries of innocence. The things that I turn to to get away from the darkness of the world are being invaded by that darkness which I try so hard to elude.

Picture Santa Clause and Jesus kung-fu fighting each other while foul-mouthed youngsters cheer them on. Imagine the following scene described by tmservo@rlrnews.com (Chris R.):

“They use the F word 20+ times in five minutes, Jesus decapitates a kid, several children get killed; hate language is used, etc..”

The descriptions above are regarding a new *animated show* scheduled to premiere this August 13th.

The main characters are four 3rd-graders. In the first episode of the animated series, one of the kids is “anally probed” by aliens. The other characters taunt the first, “Aliens stuck stuff up your ass!” The artoon has been described by Rick Marin in an article in Newsweek as aking “Beavis and Butt-head” look like “Charlie Brown”.

It is scheduled to air in a 10PM time slot, but myself and my four-years-younger-than-me brother, not to mention the majority of my other under-age friends, are not known to go to bed any too early these days. If there is any chance that a child may be subjected to this – and there is – it shouldn’t be allowed on television. In fact, whether or not children are subjected, it shouldn’t be allowed. This stuff is straight from satan.

Sure America is a free country, but not so free that we can burn the American flag at will. [Clint’s note: Actually, it is!] How can we let protecting our American symbol take precedence over protecting our own God? We claim to be a Christian country, but I don’t see it. Sure we have free speech. And that freedom is going to be used in a bad way. So where are the good guys? We can take advantage of free speech too! We can protest this thing!!

One of the series’s creators, Trey Parker, gives his personal guarantee that this will be the raunchiest thing on T.V. Not the raunchiest *animated* thing. The raunchiest, period. And the fact that it’s animated and in a cartoon format only makes it worse.

I became a cartoon-lover myself because cartoons were supposed to be the “safe-zone”. Animated programs have always been considered the children’s department. Even when a show is made with both children AND adults in mind, the adults use excuses to tune in. “My kid really likes that cartoon…”. I’ve heard it more times than I can count, because I run an animation website and get constant feed-back. How can you put a TVMA-rated product in a child’s package? It’s the sickest, darkest, and most insane move that could be made. And the producers are proud of that.

Please, can’t we do something about this? We can, but will we?


What a fuckwit!


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