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This is what the law in america means. There was no written record of the incident. Had there been no cameras, the police would have plausible deniability, and no lawsuit would have been won. Fortunately we have cameras — but tapes get “lost” all too often. This little cripple got really lucky. Let’s hope they give him millions of dollars. Story HERE. UPDATE: Another article HERE. Despite what the Chief says in that article, you can bet your ass that if the guy was not crippled, equivalent treatment would be a non-issue, and would “fall with acceptable policy”.

Oh, and if you think it’s a one-time occurrence at Hillsborough County Jail, think again — check them out beating someone else (a white woman) HERE (if that link doesn’t work, leave a comment and I’ll update it).  Savage.  Then she, too, is carried out in a stretcher.