Thursday, February 14th, 2008

It’s very funny when tiny minds collide, and cops have firefighters arrested for hurting their pride. ZbigniewBrzezinskisuch examples today, which surprises me a lot. Also, yet another sucker tasering — weren’t tasers supposed to replace deadly force? Isn’t that how they pushed them on us, in the beginning? Sometimes people who use slippery slope arguments are right, and civil rights is invariably one of those areas. Also, make sure the check out the Scientific Valentines, since it is valentines day. Carl Sagan saying “I’ve been Sagan all my love for you” is just too good. (more…) often do I make a book recommendations? Not very. But of course, I am a huge fan of The Simpsons, and also Matt Groening’s Life In Hell comic (est. 1977). I just ran into this photo on flickr, and realized that I own every one of these books.

And, with the exception of A&JGL, every one of these books is sheer brilliance at levels equal to or greater than The Simpsons. In fact, The Simpsons were created in 15 minutes when Matt Groening realized that he did not want to sell the rights to his Life In Hell characters. The “Bongo” character is basically “Bart”.

Bongo Comics also publishes some excellent Simpsons-based comic books, which are perhaps 50-80% as witty as the series. These include Simpsons, Futurama, Treehouse Of Horror, Radioactive Man (which spoofs hero comics in the same way Futurama spoofs sci-fi), Itchy & Scratchy (surprisingly violent for still images!), and Bartman.

My point is basically: The Simpsons world is not limited to the 400 or so animated episodes and the movie. There is a wealth of Simpsons-related humor out there, and we need not wait for annual television seasons or writer’s strike conclusions to get our dose of Simpson-esque humor. But above all, GET THE LIFE IN HELL BOOKS. THEY ARE HILARIOUS. And they are insane.

Many of the Life In Hell comics are full-page spreads divided into 9 (3×3) or 16 (4×4) or 25 (5×5) squares. Each square covers a topic related to the grand theme. Expressing humor in graph form just makes it that much easier to appreciate; the way Groening classifies things is very much the way I would do it, and very much appeals to my specific sense of humor.

My favorite quote is from “Love Is Hell”, which on page 1, has a 3×3 (or 4×4) spread of different characters telling us what love is. My favorite one?:

Love is a snowmobile racing across the tundra and then suddenly it flips over, pinning you underneath. At night, the ice weasels come.

Also, there are a few scanned online: HERE and HERE. But they aren’t as funny as reading a whole book; you have to get into the groove to really appreciate the humor.

Buy all of Matt Groening’s amazing stuff at Amazon. And go to your local comic store and ask to “open a box”. They will put your comics in it each week, usually for 10-20% off, and then you can pick them up as often (or as infrequent) as you like. Just make sure that they have your credit card on file; they don’t like to lose money. is a classic example of “Keep Your Laws Off My Body”. The people won!! Dildon’t? Dildo!
Can you imagine going to jail, just for giving people something they want?
(It’s actually quite common in America — The War On Drugs is a classic example, and so is The War On Porn, and The War On Gambling. Millions of lives are destroyed in the name of being “lawful”.)

I sure am writing pointless meta-posts about my blog a lot lately. But it’s weird, breaking my daily record twice in one week. I have a douchebag cop to thank for a single posting getting 2,658 views in 48 hours. Thanks, Salvatore! My record on 02/08 now pales in comparison. Maybe someday I will break Vicky’s Mother’s Day record of 8,208. :)