whoaTHE OFFICER WAS FIRED BUT NOT CHARGED. I repeat: The officer was fired, but NOT charged. Remember domestic abuse cases? If an officer shows up, and a woman is lying in a pool of blood, her husband would be automatically arrested if “nobody knew for sure what happened”. But if it’s a cop? NOT EVEN CHARGED. They say she fell. They say she FELL. Yes, sshe fucking FELL so bad she broke her nose, knocked out 2 teeth, and had 2 black eyes. Wiley Willis was fired shortly thereafter, but why the fuck was he not charged? “Not enough evidence”? I’m outraged!

whoaLet’s see: Video shows her cuffed, officer turns off video, officer turns back on video and she is lying in a pool of blood, shortly thereafter taken to the hospital in a stretcher. Even if she fell, officers are supposed to be arresting drunk people to keep them from being a danger to themself and others. Officers still have a duty to make sure this does not happen to somebody, even if they are guilty and resisting. It’s not just a carte blanch to beat the fuck out of someone as much as you want. Official video HERE. YouTube low-quality recapture HERE, and you can download an FLV version of the file HERE, for playing on your computer with VLC Player. The PrisonPlanet article is HERE.
Here’s the crappy YouTube version, which will be taken down someday – go for my FLV file or the official ABC story if this no longer works:

I myself am very happy Wiley Willis was fired after this, but if there was enough suspicion to fire him, then he would be charged. In a domestic abuse situation, anyone doing the exact same thing would not be arrested. This is Fascist American Bullshit at its finest, and the “she fell” excuse puts a nice spin of Doublethink into it.