Friday, February 22nd, 2008

I won! She thought it was my thumb, and I revealed my hand flicking her off. FTW! (She’s laughing uncontrollably.)

    His crime?  Apparently he didn’t let go of his roommate/girlfriend’s hand soon enough, and she yelled “You’re hurting me”.  I should add that they are both retarded, and he is deaf.  He let go, and AFTER THAT disgraceful Officer William Smith comes over and beats the living fuck out of him.  Then, the officer took advantage of his retardedness, and the fact that he can’t possibly understand his Miranda rights while being both retarded and in an ambulance — and coaxed a “confession” out of him.  One interesting thing that the article mentions is that it is against regulation to handcuff a retarded person without their caretaker present.  Of course this is an aggravating factor in the ensuing lawsuit! good!  Officer William Smith sounds like he would be right at home in Nazi Germany, or some other brutal 3rd world hellhole. The punishment should never be worse than the “crime”!  And in this case, the “victim” Marie Kavanaugh had no injury, and, I’m pretty sure did not even want to press charges.  And yet, this other guy has to be permanently disfigured (as if being retarded wasn’t bad enough!).  His ribs went through his bladder. 4 surgeries. His kneecap was destroyed. I repeat: He was beaten so badly that he had no kneecap left.  Complete replacement.  Officer William Smith, you are a Grade A thug. You’re not even good enough for Iraq.