Saturday, February 23rd, 2008

His name is Daniel Hamburg [wiki page here], and he used to be a congressman. He and his wife were arrested for trying to hand-deliver a letter, in Ohio, about voting fraud in 2004. Just yesterday, he interviewed with Alex Jones, and said that he believes the U.S government helped the 911 attackers. 10 minute video here:

Now, Alex Jones comes off as a cook kook, and is quite extreme. His style makes people have no credibility in him. I’ve been following him for several years now, and while he will always exaggerate to help his cause, his is dead on with certain things. Alex Jones is where I first heard the government could turn on your cellphone and listen to you, years before CNN acknowledged that the government could do this. (They used this type of surveillance to put away a Mafia member. I’d link to the CNN article, but CNN takes its articles down after a few months.) Alex Jones has predicted many things ahead of time. And he has been crusading about 911 and FEMA for quite some time. Watch for his inspirational cameo in the movie The Waking Life.

Suffice to say, this is all very interesting. And none of it is really new news to me, but I thought I’d cover these topics now and again…