February 2008

house_well-11So my real estate assessment dropped again… I believe we were assessed at $475K a bit ago, but I filed a bunch of paperwork and got them to drop it $10 or $20K. But this thing says our 2007 value was only $406K, which I don’t remember ever being that low. And for 2008? $376K.

That’s quite a drop, and the weird part is how the values flipped:

From 1999-2007, the value of my land only went from $150,000 to $166,000. That’s $2,000 a year. This year? Land is $296,000. WTF?!?! It goes up $2,000/yr for 9 years, then suddenly goes up $130,000/yr in 1 year? So the rate increased by 65X as much?!?!?!?!  [UPDATE: On 3/25, new assessment made value of the land $184,000, so the change is not so drastic.  Only 9X as much of a climb instead of 64X as much.]

The value of the building was $240,780 last year, and now is listed as $80,000. WTF?!? This is the first year that our home addition is legally recognized (I believe), so if anything it should have gone up, not down. [UPDATE: On 3/25, new assessment made value of the building $191,970, so it did go down, but not nearly as drasticly.]

Of course, if these numbers are true, that means our house could completely collapse into nothingness (say, from bad contractors), and the land would be worth $296K. [UPDATE: As of 3/25, this is no longer the case.] Considering we owe about $159K on the mortgage (which was originally $139K) , we’d still end up with $137K profit even if the house collapsed.  [UPDATE: As of 3/25, we would only end up with about a $25K profit, instead of $137K profit, now that the house is worth $191K instead of $80K.]

This just doesn’t really make much sense to me. It’s almost like the county is trying to get back at me for having it lowered last year. Thing is, I WANT the land to be most of the value. Houses degrade; land doesn’t generally (barring a mudslide).

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Family calls cops to report disturbance, cops come, call wife a fat ass, punch her, arrest entire family. OOPS! Smile, you’re on Fascist Pig Camera. Officer Paul Oliver is a fucking asshole piglet?! I think it might be looking that way! This is YET ANOTHER case where people call 911 to report a disturbance, and the cops attack the very people who called it. 911 IS NOT SAFE. THE POLICE ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS. They called the wife a fat ass, then punched her, then pulled a fucking gun on her. Meanwhile, a man is charged with “cruelty to animals” for cussing at police dog that was locked inside of police car. WTF! See comment #40 @ article. I believe the exact same thing happened about a year ago! That’s what it’s like dealing with pigs — if you piss them off, they will MAKE SHIT UP to arrest you. Disorderly conduct being the #1 made-up charge, but if one of their precious animals are threatened, they go ape shit. (Half Baked wasn’t too far off, huh?)

Alabamans got black screen during Don Siegelman piece. If anyone really believes this was a “technical glitch” in New York that prevented a broadcast about Alabama from broadcasting in Alabama — then you are quite naive and gullible. PRESSURE CAME FROM THE WHITE HOUSE, says the article. I believe it.

    What a crazy day. The tattoo of a cellphone that works as a blood-powered cellphone is very cool. Interesting links today. Especially the nethack porn, hahaha. Is Ricky Really a Sex Offender? NetHack Porn. Cellphone tattoo. Danish cops too scared of Muslims to do their job. White House Says Phone Wiretaps Will Resume. (more…)

    His name is Daniel Hamburg [wiki page here], and he used to be a congressman. He and his wife were arrested for trying to hand-deliver a letter, in Ohio, about voting fraud in 2004. Just yesterday, he interviewed with Alex Jones, and said that he believes the U.S government helped the 911 attackers. 10 minute video here:

    Now, Alex Jones comes off as a cook kook, and is quite extreme. His style makes people have no credibility in him. I’ve been following him for several years now, and while he will always exaggerate to help his cause, his is dead on with certain things. Alex Jones is where I first heard the government could turn on your cellphone and listen to you, years before CNN acknowledged that the government could do this. (They used this type of surveillance to put away a Mafia member. I’d link to the CNN article, but CNN takes its articles down after a few months.) Alex Jones has predicted many things ahead of time. And he has been crusading about 911 and FEMA for quite some time. Watch for his inspirational cameo in the movie The Waking Life.

    Suffice to say, this is all very interesting. And none of it is really new news to me, but I thought I’d cover these topics now and again…

    I won! She thought it was my thumb, and I revealed my hand flicking her off. FTW! (She’s laughing uncontrollably.)

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