March 2008

[imdb page] This is the second of the 3 [unrelated] feature-length animated films directed by René Laloux. Animation connoisseurs might remember René Laloux from Fantastic Planet, an amazing movie that often occupied my thoughts during my childhood. It had amazing aliens, multiple societies, sentient pets, inexplicable species, and possibly an ethical message as well. This movie was not as good as Fantastic Planet, but it was still entertaining. Science-fiction and animation go together well. But there was little social commentary in this movie, and both the number of differnet characters and the varieties of different alien species & encounters are less in Time Masters than in Fantastic Planet. And the movie has nothing to do with the Time Masters anyway, it’s mostly about a boy lost in an alien forest, and a ship’s attempt to make it there and rescue him. Now, all that’s left to do is to watch Gandahar. [UPDATE 4/12/2008: Yes, this is probably the least good of the 3 movies Laloux did.  Gandahar was indeed better, and I remember more of Fantastic Planet now, too.]

This Is Your Brain on God. Very interesting article about research into stimulating your brain to make you perceive God. Other research has already shown that our brain has been hardwired to have religious experiences from the start, so this is the next logical step. By the way, Comcast HDTV sucks. Just look at these screenshots. Comcast is a shitty company. Drop them now. Find alternative ISPs using

Reporter videotapes cheerleading competition; charged with felony possession of obscene matter depicting sexual conduct of a person under 18! So… um… Why isn’t the school in trouble for hosting public competitions that depict sexual conduct of persons under 18? Now the reporter will fail security clearances, even though the charges wont stand. Looks like the system can fuck you, even if you don’t deserve it. Or maybe the guy had more on the videotape… But videotaping a cheerleading competition is grounds for your arrest and search of your videotape?!?! Hello? It’s a public event. Photographers rights! Buuuut… SCHOOLS ARE STUPID… SO… When an athletic girl strains ligament, is hospitalized, put in a brace, given crutchesguess what happened next? (This was Hillsborough — I assume the same one where they dump arrested cripples onto the floor to make sure they are handicapped.) The school took her crutches away from her — FOR NOT HAVING A DOCTOR’S NOTE — causing her to further damage her knee. And have surgery. Inevitable lawsuit ensues — and I hope they get millions. YOU DON’T DO THAT.

    WAR ON TERROR: U.S. tortures their prisoners of war – no shit – more news from Captain Obvious. How many of these accounts have to come out for this to stop? Does nobody give a shit that we are treating some individuals as bad as China or Nazi Germany? The constitution was specific: ALL persons have rights, not just citizens. When the constitution talked about voting, it said “citizens”, not “all persons”. Duh. But the global government does not care about constitutional rights — hell, United Nations Secretary-General stands behind the censorship of Fitna. I seem to remember appeasement didn’t work with Hitler in World War 2 — so why are politicians trying to appease fundamentalist muslims who want to censor anything that might offend them? If the United Nations is supposed to define human rights, why be a fucking hypocrite about free speech? FUCK YOU, secretary-general Ban Ki-moon — this IS about free expression, contrary to your attempt at doublethink by stating otherwise.

      SCIENTOLOGY IS A DANGEROUS CULT: IRS documents leaked (full pdf). Another great leak brought to you by ANONYMOUS, the full version of the Church Of Scientology IRS-related documents. Grab this while you can. Grab this now, and own a piece of history regarding how Scientology deals with money. Probably about as bad as Sony BMG, which was raided in France, and found to be operating their network with pirated software. Now they are being sued for piracy. Remember Sony going out of its way to sue anyone who “pirates” any of their technologies, and to even stop modchips? They’re hypocrites (just like the UN today). What are they thinking? They’ve rootkitted their customers, they’ve idiotically sued a great accessory shop because they dared to sell their PSPs, and now this? All I can say is: Another day, another shitty Sony story. Viva la France!

      Special thanks to Aaron E & Dave O — for the trumpet and putting the 2 pics together (which meant I didn’t use the single-photo one Dave O made for me, but I think he did the healing brush part?).


      So, “The Dude” (guy-with-a-mullet-in-Sterling) called at like 9:30AM today, leaving very loopy message: “Hi, this is Steven with your kitten. Uh, i want you to come by and pick it up right away. Because we have to get your baby. Uh, right away. Ok. (Gives phone number.) Come by and get your baby. (Gives number again.)” We were going to just avoid him until next weekend, when we were planning on being in the area, but finally around 4PM we decided to go get the cat and get it over with.

      We have groups of people attacking goths, other groups of people (600 large) literally “hunting emos” — real violence being perpetrated for no good fucking reason whatsoever. Meanwhile, “terrorists”, many of who are innocent, language in Guantanamo — 2000 days and counting. And LinkedIn now has RSS feeds! (more…)

      Penelope Cruz to engage in steamy lesbian sex scene with Scarlett Johansson in Woody Allen(YUCK)’s upcoming “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”. At least, according to this fansite. This is the best girl-on-girl news since the (confirmed by both) tryst between Jenny McCarthy and Jenna Jameson!

      TSA Forces Woman To Remove Nipple Rings For Flight — ***NOT*** POLICY. Just an example of how the everyday american loses their rights. You don’t fight TSA, or they can taser you to death and have you arrested. So what happens when they ask you to do something they have no legal power to do, and you need to go somewhere? You apply a pair of pliers to your own nipples, that’s what.

      WAR ON DRUGS: New York Governor Admits Past Cocaine, Marijuana Use, Few Are Bothered. If someone can be president or governor after doing the stuff — they certainly shouldn’t be arrested for doing the stuff.

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