Watched this with Carolyn and, curiously, Eve & Susan, who were not Kids In The Hall fans. Susan had never seen Kids In The Hall in her life! Eve had only seen it 3 times! And since it was a series-made-into-a-movie movie, it of course had a different feel than a “real” movie. Carolyn thought the movie was going to be more “sketchy” (as in sketch comedy), but Clint knew to expect something unlike the series. Carolyn was very pleasantly surprised. Clint was relieved to hear Susan & Eve laugh out loud during it, as well as Eve posting the beginning “mother’s saying” of “Life is short / Life is shit / And soon it will be over”.

Per-minute, this was definitley not nearly as funny as the show, but the whole point was: They had a chance to make a movie re-using many of the characters from their sketches, and they did just that. The whole “brain candy” anti-depression drug concept was quite funny, and definitely speaks to the over-dependence on anti-depressants that we have on society today — probably at a higher level than when the movie was created!

And what’s with Dave Foley walking out of the writing, and only appearing in the movie due to contractual obligation? That’s a really uncool thing to do during any “reunion” project, and considering that he’s had the best career out of the 5 original Kids In The Hall — the movie also seems a bit selfish and self-indulgent.

Overall, however, we were quite glad to see this “final” episode of one of the four greatest sketch comedy shows of all time (Monty Python, Kids In The Hall, In Living Color, Mr. Show).