//assets1.twitter.com/images/twitter.png?1204867252” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.So I’ve decided to start micro-blogging, after seeing that several friends have been using twitter for some time.

Friends, feel free to go here and friend me at Twitter.com. You can also RSS subscribe to my twitterings HERE, though I think it’s easier to simply set up a Twitter account, friend people, and subscribe to the generic feed for all your friends’ twitters (much like flickr’s generic feed for all your friends’ new photos). It’s less work in the long run. Of course, if you already subscribe to Clint And Carolyn’s Managed RSS Feed, do nothing — our twitter feeds have been added to our aggregate feed. Yahoo Pipes rules! And if you are on facebook — I’ve installed the TwitterSync application, so my Facebook Status will now be set via twittering! So my twitterings wont just be enjoyed by those on Twitter! If you use TwitterSync and I am your Facebook friend, I will stop following you on Twitter so I don’t see everything twice.

So anyway, this is a twitter.bat that I wrote, to easily twitter from the command-line. It is designed for married geek couples, supporting multiple users. It is made for the 4NT command-line intepreter, but might work under command.com. I’ve also included my LiveJournal Twitter Crosspost script (LJtwitter.pl). Get the code for these below

Basically, you type “twitter” (I have it aliased to ‘t’ and ‘tw’), it prompts you for input, and it twitters your “whatever” to your twitter account. You are then prompted for a LiveJournal crosspost (one key).

When done, you can hit “Y” and it will go to your twitter page, and another “Y” to go to your LiveJournal page.

In the event of exceeding maximum twitter length, it will use the “eset” command, for editing existing environment variables, to allow the twitter to be edited shorter. Also, when prompting for a twitter, eset is used on a dummy twitter that has a period for the 140th character — thus allowing one to see how much space is left.

It also assumes you have %USERNAME set — this is important if multiple people are under the same environment (married geek couples), which is the case for the wife & I. One script works for both of us…

ANYWAY — HERE IT IS: twitter.bat

(download TXT file, change to .BAT)

AND HERE IT IS: LJTwitter.pl livejournal cross-posting