[IMDB] This was another movie from the makers of Super Troopers and Puddle Cruiser. Carolyn gives it 3 stars on Netflix, and a 7-7.5 on IMDB. Clint agrees, but thinks 3.5 stars for Netflix would be more appropriate. The Broken Lizard team, having already done a romantic comedy [Puddle Cruiser], and a stoner comedy [Super Troopers], have now moved on to “horror comedy”. This was a good watch if you like horror movies, or even if you like party movies.

Genre-wise, Club Dread was a bit unique, in that it could best described as a “fun horror movie”. Note that I said fun not funny. Most horror movies are funny–and this one is no exception–, but this movie is deliberately fun as well. It’s a big party island! They even have fun police to make sure you are having fun! If there was a way to combine a slaughter and a party — you’d get this movie.

The attitude is lighthearted throughout — much like, say, Shaun Of The Dead — though Shaun Of The Dead had a higher percentage of comedy. Jokes are funny, and although they taper off, they continue throughout the movie. And the chicks are hot.

Speaking of hot chicks, you wont have to keep an eye out to notice the super-hot super-skinny super-snobby blonde from That 80’s Show — but there’s probably only 3 people on the planet who remember her from that. She more or less plays the closest role that could be considered “leading lady”, and her presence does not diminish the viewing experience — or anything else (BOIOIOIOIOIOOIOIOIOIIOIONG).