A key point of causality in watching this film was neglecting to remember Ian’s advice of “Steve Carell can’t make any movie; Avoid Dan In Real Life”, at the key point in time in which I acquired said movie. So we watched it anyway. Oops. Upon linking to Ian’s advice, it turns out Ian was talking about Evan Almighty! So…. I dunno… This movie was just kind of watched randomly I guess! We’d still say avoid it, though, so score 2 against Carell then. And that’s even with [mis-attributed] low expectations to start with!
Carolyn says “it was boring in the beginning, and then it picked up a little, and then it was boring, and it had horrible music. It was a good chick flick I guess.” Her music criticism is really based on the song that plays at the end of the movie.

I have to agree with it. They had a really great twist near the beginning, and then a bunch of B.S. — 20 minutes of which could probably have been replaced with a “falling in love” montage song. The “talent show” was especially painful. It reminded Carolyn of our family reunion.

Steve Carell is still quite talented, and it was cool to see Frasier’s Dad from Frasier, and Ross’s lesbian ex-wife’s girlfriend from Friends, as well as Dane Cook. There were a few awkward moments that could be compared to some of the awkward moments in The Office (US), but unfortunately — IT WASN’T FUNNY. This was not a romantic comedy. This was a romantic drama, with sparse jokes here and there.

Netflix: 2/5 stars. IMDB: 5/10. We both agree on this rating.