downtown01.jpgAnyone remember MTV’s excellent Emmy-nominated 1990s series Downtown? If you don’t, you can read Animated Manhattan: Downtown, the 19th article in Ironic Sans‘s ongoing series looking at New York City in animation. Check out their sampling of screenshots — they reviewed the series far better than I ever could. It was very “real”, down-to-earth, and perhaps even a bit impressionistic.

downtown03.jpgLike almost every MTV animated series ever, despite the fact that it was in the top 10% of enjoyability — it only ran for 1 season, and was not released to DVD — not even 10 years after airing. BUT WAIT. Animator Chris Prynoski (who now works on Metalocalypse, did the hallucination scene in the Beavis & Butt-head movie, and has directed Daria episodes) has now started his own blog.

‘And on his own blog, he is selling promotional DVDs of MTV’s Downtown for $25. (I just bought mine. Really.) For once, you can purchase a show and have the money go directly to the person who created it. (Hat Tip to Compn.)

downtown02.jpgAlso, by the way — Dethtroll was supposed to be 8 Nathan Explosions tall, and “Goat” from Downtown, Metalocalypse, and Megas XLR are all the same character, voiced by the real-life “Goat”, who is a New Jersey tattoo artist. Except in Metalocalypse, where he was voiced by James Hetfield of Metallica. How many tattoo artists can boast that they appeared in 3 cartoons and were voiced by James Hetfield? (The answer is: One.)