This was a romantic comedy starring Simon Pegg (of Shaun Of The Dead/Hot Fuzz fame). He is a rent-a-cop, unlike Hot Fuzz, where he was a real cop. He left his pregnant girlfriend at the altar, and 5 years later she starts dating Hank Azaria (of the Simpsons voice-acting fame). Hank is running a marathon, so Simon decides to run one too. The events leading up to and including the marathon comprise 90% of the movie. It’s funny, but again: It’s a romantic comedy, not a straight-comedy.

This is yet another “sensitive guy must out-man the alpha guy” movie, much like Broken Lizard’s movie “Puddle Cruiser”, where sensitive-guy has to join a rugby team and compete against alpha-guy. Except in this one, sensitive-guy has to join a marathon, and compete against alpha-guy. But Puddle Cruiser was at least in a college party setting, making it a bit more comedic than this one.

This was definitely one of those “3/5 stars on netflix, 6/10 on imdb” type movies. It was a night’s entertainment, with a few jokes, and a bit of romance. Nothing special, but not particularly BAD either. Since my friend Ian had run a marathon recently, the topic was already in the forefront of my mind more than it would normally be.

Simon Pegg and Hank Azaria are both more talented than this movie shows. Still, it’s always a delight to see a Simpsons voice actor in front of the camera, instead of only hearing him behind the microphone.

Funny things: the friends that bet against him, the quirky Indian landlord, the blister that made Carolyn gag, and of course the marathon itself.

BTW, this was watched in 720p.