Well, after watching 28 Weeks Later, this was quite similar. Except instead of the government becoming the second enemy, it was the Umbrella Corporation — a corporation so powerful that it was pretty much the exact same situation. And, much like 28 Weeks Later, there was a character or two who was infected without “going zombie”. I mean, these are close to the same movie!

The Umbrella Corporation could even nuke a city and get away with it, if they wanted to. This SHOULD send a powerful real-life message, but probably doesn’t.

28 Weeks Later has the advantage of RUNNING zombies, which really adds to the desparation of escape — while Resident Evil:Apocalypse has the advantage of two hot-as-shit characters, Valentine & Milla Jovovich.

28 Weeks Later was better in an artist/cinematic sense, and with slightly better characters (not being based on a videogame might very well play into that)….

However, as far as entertainment value goes, watching these two movies is practically the same experience.

This is Tideland Vs. Julien Donkey Boy all over again!

(Actually, these 2 films are more similar than Tideland and Julien Donkey Boy are, but it just goes to show that unique ideas are few and far between, and pretty much everything has been done. That’s okay. All 4 films were still enjoyable!)

We watched the sequel to this movie not too long afterwards. So the Resident Evil franchise is definitely beating the 28 Weeks Later franchise in number of sequels. But what do you expect — it’s American, it’s a video game, and they set the American Resident Evil creators set the bar a bit lower than the British 28 Days Later creators.