1) SPOILERS: Spoilers will now be handled by displaying text as white-on-white.If you want to read the spoiler, simply drag the mouse over it to hilight it. Now I will no longer need to waste my breath providing spoiler warnings. Expect much of my movie reviews to be invisible like this. I hate spoiling, but I always want to talk about spoilers after watching a movie. This is a good compromise. Here is an example/test spoiler: At the end of The Sixth Sense, [highlight] it turns out Bruce Willis was dead the entire movie!!!!!!!! I’ve seen this trick used on other sites before. What do you think?

2) LINKS: Certain words will be automatically linksvia an auto-link list that I maintain. So expect a lot more things to become links in the future. If I mention things like “my sister“, Carolyn, 4NT, NoMeansNo — my script will automatically make these into links. Should save time for me, while increasing exposure for all.

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