Right At Your Door was a movie about a terrorist attack in Los Angeles, and specifically how it affected one couple. I guess this would be considered a thriller. There was indeed a high amount of tension throughout the entire movie, enough to keep us quite interested throughout. Fear of terrorism may be an easy string to pull, but it doesn’t diminsh the excitement of wondering how it’s all going to turn out. There were also parallels between the couple, Carolyn & I, and September 11th. We enjoyed this as something you would watch once ever. Read on for more in-depth review. Some spoilers ahead, but there will be additional warnings for those spoilers.

So, the guy is at home when the terrorist attack happens, and the wife is at work. This was just like Carolyn & I on September 11th. Where it diverged was that he did not hear from his wife after the attack. In real life, Kipp woke me up on 9/11/2001 (but I didn’t answer the phone, as it was then only hooked up downstairs), and Carolyn then called right after, actually informing me of what went on. So I never had to worry about her nearly as much as the main character of this movie had to worry about his wife.

99%-Non-Spoiling plot element from the first 10 minutes: As soon as the attack happens, the main character leaves the house, running around like chicken little with his head chopped off, trying to find his wife — but is blocked from the blast area by the police. He then has to go home and wait around to see if his wife comes home. He would have been better off either never leaving his house, or fleeing the area right away, before the toxic ashes blew there. But they had no plan. Of course Carolyn & I have a plan, which is to go south. First to our house, then to her family’s houses in Occoquan, then to my family’s houses in Stafford — then to Blacksburg (though I have to wonder if visiting The Campsite We Always Go To should be a stop, since it’s on the way). Also, signing in, by writing on the front door of every house visited with an update. As lame as it sounds, this plan would have meant that we never would have had to wait at our house, like the couple in the movie — we could have gotten the fuck out of there right away, and still been able to meet up. As lame as it sounds, it’s worth taking 2 minutes to plan out a 1 in a million scenario.


So, they are instructed to seal the house from the toxic ashes. The husband, and the handyman who snuck into his house when the emegency ensued, do that. Radio updates come, explainng that people near the ash were contaminated with lethal levels of toxins, and that having any contact with anyone from the blast was pretty much a death sentence. So when the wife comes in, he doesn’t let her in. Why should he die? But then they go and have the wife utterly freak out, and try to break into the house. Granted, she’s just trying to save herself, but she effectively killed her husband by doing this. (ULTIMATE SPOILER, DRAG MOUSE OVER TO READ) When she broke into the house, she dropped her ash-covered cellphone in. Because the house was sealed, it incubated the virus. In the end, the husband dies because he is sealed in the house with her cell-phone, and the wife survives, by taking semi-shelter in the porch, but never actually entering the house. So in the end, because the husband wanted to live, he died. If he had said “fuck it, I’m going out to die with my wife”, he would have lived. So basically, he gets the oppositte of what he wants. And doubtlessly, a lot of people out there are probably mad at his character for not letting his wife in. But had he done so, they both would have died! I think the way this movie plays out probably polarizes the audience into two groups: Those who feel that they value love over life, and would take irrational actions — and be rewarded in the case of this movie. And those who are rational, and realize that the husband was doing the right thing, the wife did the wrong thing, and she killed him by doing so. The only way he could have saved himself would be by trying to die. Anyone who thinks he got what he deserved is an irrational sentimental fool in my book. I will always choose life, and hope that Carolyn would do the same!

Either way, this movie was messed up! Afterwards, we were of course glad to be alive! And glad we had a plan…

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