So, Scientology is deprogramming for Christians?!?! News to me, but it’s quite intriguing.

With ANONYMOUS’s ongoing Scientology protests making ongoing headlines for weeks, The Church Of The Subgenius was bound to respond, and did so with their “Message To Anonymous From The Church Of The SubGenius“, which was more a less an invitation for ANONYMOUS to join the party in New York on X-Day. But now someone — seemingly a Scientology shill — has posted a video basically intimating that if you side against Scientology, you are siding Pro-Christian, because Scientology is actually about deprogramming Christians!! News to me, but they go into more detail about it, and it’s quite interesting:

If the YouTube video has been taken down, you can still download the FLV file HERE, and play it with VLC Player.

The original video that this was in response to is this:

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