March 2008

SCIENTOLOGY IS A DANGEROUS CULT: The Profit - The movie Scientology doesn’t want you to see. (download torrent here). Get the banned movie here! Not just 8 minute clip that everyone has seen, but the whole banned movie. Special thanks to ANONYMOUS for fucking Scientology over at every possible juncture.

DRUGS: Researchers have deteremined which gene to ‘knock out’ to reduce tobacco carcinogenocy. Of course, study is funded by Philip Morris. Either way: Many people smoke, and many people will continue to. This cannot ever be stopped. EVER. Philip Morris must be considering that they would make more money if their customers didn’t die, and that their lawyer fees might be lower if they weren’t sued by states due to the strain on the health care system. (Cost of freedom, folks. Cost of freedom.) OF AUTHORITY: Federal agent sues after being tasered and arrested at a ball game for not immediately removing an american flag he was hanging. Lots of cop-on-fed violence for no charges being filed! In the end, the only way we may gain our civil rights is if more police are abused by other police. “He said she said” becomes a level playing field when both people work for the government. Someone’s going down. The best we can hope for is that our police start shooting, abusing, and brutalizing each other — that would reform the system much faster than lawsuits. OVERLY-HARSH PUNISHMENTS: Don’t call 911! Mom calls on her son for taking her car. Son is now paralyzed, most likely for life. They tasered him, against their own policy (lawsuit!) from the top bunk, where he fell, and broke his back. Don’t call 911 if you value the life of the person you are calling 911 about. This is why I propose a softer “811″, to be staffed by more heroic people than our gestapo police. People willing to risk their lives. Right now, police die less than fisherman, farmers, garbage men, & taxi drivers.

Well, after watching 28 Weeks Later, this was quite similar. Except instead of the government becoming the second enemy, it was the Umbrella Corporation — a corporation so powerful that it was pretty much the exact same situation. And, much like 28 Weeks Later, there was a character or two who was infected without “going zombie”. I mean, these are close to the same movie! (more…)

What would Homer Simpson look like in real life? Like this. And it’s creepy. Blu-ray cracked! Of course BluRay movies were already being pirated. Anyway — Download “AnyDVD HD” while you still can. Netflix will send BluRay discs, y’know. Meanwhile, the FBI is creating links that will make you get raided if you click them — better not have Firefox prefetch on! Maye I should change every page on my blog to redirect to one of those links, huh? Yeah, it’s pretty fucking stupid: FBI Posts Fake Child Porn Hyperlinks. Also, related to the failed war on drugs: LSD and Psilocybin research begin again — after 35 years. First Cocaine Lab found in Brazil. Grow your own pot in the Czech Republic – they just descriminalized it. (more…)

[IMDB summary] This was an interesting movie that held our attention, however it did seem to be sort of a generic chase-the-money (via kidnapping & ransom) movie as well. There were some intense scenes… And there was a pretty good twist, which makes the whole movie much better than you think it is up to that twist.

There were also some good characters, like the “strongman” (henchman) guy who was very soft-spoken, but would play russian roulette with 3 bullets just to show you what a badass he really is. Or the main female lead… She starts out as the who makes everything go irreversibly wrong, but by the end of the movie, she is the only one making anything any better. Semi-spoilers within.

[IMDB synopsis link] Okay, time for a Polish movie. This was apparently “a big hit in Poland in early 2007″. Two things about this movie: 1) Despite being related to a wedding, this is NOT a romantic comedy. It is a completely dialog-driven, straight comedy film. 2) Since it does happen on the day of an aborted wedding — This is a drinking movie.

    Media Declares “Victory” For Gun Rights As Second Amendment Is Systematically Destroyed.  Interesting article about Supreme Court gun cases, including many quotes from the founding fathers. I had no idea all this stuff was currently up for Supreme Court debate.  Guns are good; without them you’d be speaking German, Chinese, or maybe even Arabic, and our government would look like the UK government now (instead of the UK government 5 years ago) .  The end.

    What is EggGASM? Just click to find out! This is a delightfully subversive–yet harmless–spin on the old Easter tradition. After all, the Christians stole their holidays from the Pagans, for the most part. Let’s steal it back. And while we’re on it — let’s make sure Halloween (my favorite holiday) stays alive too.

    Well, time for another Coen Brothers movie. Like most David Lynch movies, some Coen Brothers movies don’t quite go down easy for me. I find myself engaged more than average during the process of watching their films. However, I am often left with vaguely unsatisfied feeling — a yearning for the movie to have been more than it was. No Country For Old Men was no exception.

    This was a romantic comedy starring Simon Pegg (of Shaun Of The Dead/Hot Fuzz fame). He is a rent-a-cop, unlike Hot Fuzz, where he was a real cop. He left his pregnant girlfriend at the altar, and 5 years later she starts dating Hank Azaria (of the Simpsons voice-acting fame). Hank is running a marathon, so Simon decides to run one too. The events leading up to and including the marathon comprise 90% of the movie. It’s funny, but again: It’s a romantic comedy, not a straight-comedy.

    NoMeansNo is a GREAT band. Among the Top 10 for both Carolyn & I, and we’ve both listened since late 1991. This live album started it all for us and a great many of our friends, and our freinds’ friends. After 16 years, this finally exists… so I must post it. So here are two songs of theirs, “Two Lips Two Lungs And One Tongue”, and “Rags & Bones”:

    Arthur C. Clarke’s corpse isn’t even cold yet, and I’ve already bumped my R.I.P. article about him off the top. Sigh.

    I am sad to hear that my favorite creative mind in science fiction, Sir Arthur Charles Clarke, has died.  It was just a few hours ago, after suffering breathing problems. It’s not like I’ve read more than 6 or so of his books … and it’s not like I even enjoyed the 2001 movie.  But some of his works brought me great joy as a child, to the point of remembering them above all other books that I have ever read.  It is truly regretful to lose such a great creative genius.!ty-and-the-starrrs.jpgThis is the cover to The City And The Stars, my personal all-time-favorite Arthur C. Clarke book. And considering I don’t really read these days, and he was my favorite author way back when, that definitely puts it in my top books ever. But hey, I like science fiction & fantasy. You can click through to the wikipedia page and read about it if you are so inclined, but basically… In the future, there are only 2 small cities of humanity left, and neither one knows of the other. The main character lives in a city that is so eternal that even the people are recycled. You are born as an adult, able to speak and walk, and live for 1000 yrs. Then you go back to the chamber, get assimilated into the eternity crystals, and are stored for a million years or so. At around age 20, you begin to remember past lives. The society is pretty much timeless, to the point of having a designated jester born every 40,000 years, just to keep things interesting. The jester has little to do with the story, but all that basically just paints the backdrop for the actual story. I loved this book as a child — even more than Childhood’s End and Rendezvous With Rama, my other two major favorites.

    If there’s any 3 Clarke books to read, it would be those 3.  Don’t fall for the 2001 trap; you’ll have to read at least 3 books to get out of it.

    The Battle of Athens, Tennessee – 1946 – last armed revolt against the government. Very interesting stuff. This is a big, big, big part of why gun control is anti-freedom. Yet somehow, I still don’t see this as being possible today. (more…) course the victims were black, and Tarika an innocent, unarmed bystander — now dead. The baby will always have a missing finger to remind him of what our society did to his mother, all over some marijuana and crack, which in this case were far less harmful than the authorities. IIRC, she was running upstairs after hearing the raid begin, but that didn’t stop police from firing bullets in the right direction to kill her (from another floor?) anyway! A fucking misdemeanor? tried to force him to say his Dad molested his sisterinterrogated him for 2 hours without counsel, on video, of course lying to him the entire time – said by most observers to be scarring psychological torture. Granted, the dad seems a bit creepy, but I think West Bloomfield Police Detective Joseph Brousseau should himselff be molested — in prison — after what he’s done. If only there was a way to make him autistic first. Even if it’s technically legal — so was slavery and the Holocaust (Godwin’s Law FTW!). I understand the need to protect children, especially those afraid to come forward … But practically forcing them to accuse a family member is not protecting children. It is the opposite, and an affront to law enforcement and justice everywhere. (more…)

    This is an old favorite from Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedys fame — though I’ve never heard it with music, or seen it with a video backdrop before:

    Haha – Twittering the Twitter Revolution. Funny article, written in “twitter-speak”, about a journalist who tried to wirte about how un-compelling twitter was, but ended up getting sucked in to it for over an hour. I love how the twitter t-shirt says “wearing a twitter shirt”. TECHNOLOGY WAR: Social Control: Emotion-Tracking Wearable Device Lets Your Boss Monitor Your Feelings. I covered this on my blog before, when Microsoft announced the patent for a similar device. Well, HERE IT IS. You wear this, and you think happy thoughts while wearing this, or you get fired. This is the corporate future of slavery. It is best to REFUSE AND RESIST. Better to be homeless and free, than wage-enslaved with a wristband. LIVEJOURNAL: Six Apart/SUP Erases Porn, Sex… and Fandom from LiveJournal popular interests. People are still around, but only in the shadows. This is what you get for adopting a corporate blogging platform. Had you self-hosted your blog with open-source software, nobody would have been able to censor you or make you hide. This is why people need to find solutions for themselves, instead of depending on corporate offerings for everything. Back in 1995, the only webpages were personal webpages in personal spaces. Today, almost everyone’s space — even my own — takes place under a corporate umbrella. We are trading freedom for convenience (and I have too). This is bad. woman (cerebral palsy) in wheelchair gets ticketed for not having a driver’s license, threatened w/future arrest. Utterly ridiculous. So if there are no sidewalks in town, would that imply that pedestrians walk in the street as well? So where are handicapped people supposed to go? Who else has to pay for a license just to walk/roll one mile to work? Would a bicyclist need a license? “Eliza” programmer dead: Moment Of Silence: R.I.P. Joseph Weizenbaum.

    The guy who made Eliza is dead? Maaaan. That sucks. I heard about this from Ryan’s blog. Before you could download on the internet… Before you could download from a BBS… before you could even connect to another machine… They would publish books full of printed programs. You would “download” them by driving them home, and then typing them in. As some computer science professors are fond of saying, “Never underestimate the bandwidth of a truckload of CDs driving down the highway.” Indeed, a few years ago there was a study, and it was found that Netflix alone transmits as much data as 25% of the entire internet. (Data has exploded since then, so this percentage is probably lower now.)

    So — When I was 6-7, I spent pretty much a MONTH of what was possibly my summer vacation, spending hours each day typing up the Eliza program into my Apple2+ (48k memory). I wanted to chat, goddammit.
    Then when I was done, for some reason I decided to type “NEW”, which cleared the program currently in memory. Then saved my work over the filename I’d been saving to. So, I saved an empty program over my one month’s typing.

    Suffice to say, that was probably the first time technology broke my spirit (I think socially it was already broken by then).

    I did download Eliza later, and remember it well.

    And don’t forget Dr. Sbaitso, of course. I even once received a forwarded VirginiaTech PhoneMail (voice mail that you could forward) of Dr. Sbaitso reciting a dirty limerick (I have it on mp3, and it happened on Sep 25 1992 at 9:30PM). (more…)’m not sure why everyone said they didn’t want to see this… possibly because it did incredibly well at the box office? I’m not sure why everyone said it was awful… The standard instant hatred of anything “animated”, especially adaptations?

    Of course, Carolyn & I were blissfully unaware of the movie even existing, until we acquired it in high definition (720p). We also didn’t know it was CGI! They outdid the CGI on Shrek — and on any other movie we’ve ever seen. It took us a good 5-10 seconds of seeing human beings speak on the screen to even realize they weren’t actually human beings — beating the previous record of 1-2 seconds in Final Fantasy. (Shrek has a cartoony style which makes these things quite obvious.) By the way, check out Ryan’s review here.

    I was surprised that a movie with so much Will Smith in it was as good as it was. While I would have hoped for a better ending, our interest was indeed greatly held throughout the entire movie.  UPDATE: Read about the alternate ending (with spoilers!) HERE — it seems far superior to what was released.
    (more…) retreats on women’s rights after Muslim clerics protest – fuck Islam. Sherrif threatens journalist with arrest for writing about his son’s arrest – um, this is America, remember Sheriff? $28M taxpayer money gone because of idiot cops Juan Curry & Samuel Nassan — who shot an unarmed 12-year-old car-thief boy in the back, killing him on Christmas Eve. (Of course he was black.) I twittered that I farted, and was immediately followed by “FartSurvey“, a twitter account. WTF? Read on for alternate summaries / tags. (more…)

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