March 2008

You heard that right. *OFF-DUTY* officer shoots at moving vehicle. Officers are not actually generally not allowed to shoot at moving vehicles EVER, because it’s too dangerous to the public, and any occupants in the vehicle who aren’t responsible for driving it away. In this case, he not only hit the mother twice, but he hit her 8-year-old child in the knee. Both were hospitalized for five days.


This is the America everyone voted for?



The 612-page manual for Scientologists written by L. Ron Hubbard contains instructions for the eight different Operating Thetan levels including ‘clear’ and OT8.

Most of the manual is typed from a computer, while the packet contains some hand written notes by Hubbard himself who also signed them. The manual also contains letters by Hubbard to individuals who have passed the according levels.

A link to the actual 17-meg PDF is HERE. Everyone grab this. This includes stuff that was only kept on a ship, because it was considered too dangerous to Scientology to keep this information on land! But now we all have it, muahahaha. ALL HAIL XENU. (more…)

So I tried to watch a YouTube video fullscreen while eating lunch today. BAM. Firefox (2) crashed. Okay, this happens sometimes. So I rerun it — and it bitches about not being able to upgrade because some files are in use. They aren’t! I ps and kill processes just to make sure, but to no avail. So I use IE to download Firefox3 beta4. Oh, 6 out of 7 of my plugins are not compatible? Fuck you! Progress is bad! Anything I build should last until I die, and the futility of having what you build be torn down is what makes most people stay computer novices.

Evan-(48x48)My good friend Evan has started a blog, called “Rerun’s Runons”. The address is:
(It’s a wordpress blog, so there’s a comment feed too!)


So, Scientology is deprogramming for Christians?!?! News to me, but it’s quite intriguing.

With ANONYMOUS’s ongoing Scientology protests making ongoing headlines for weeks, The Church Of The Subgenius was bound to respond, and did so with their “Message To Anonymous From The Church Of The SubGenius“, which was more a less an invitation for ANONYMOUS to join the party in New York on X-Day. But now someone — seemingly a Scientology shill — has posted a video basically intimating that if you side against Scientology, you are siding Pro-Christian, because Scientology is actually about deprogramming Christians!! News to me, but they go into more detail about it, and it’s quite interesting:


If you think things in America are that different from China, just remember to take a sanity pill every once-in-awhile and to realize that things here are still BAD — very very BAD. Arguably freedom is worse off in America than it has been since McCartyhism. When Tibetans can’t even protest to Free Tibet in front of the fucking UN building with a Tibet flag on it, without officers beating, clubbing, and threatning to kill them — realize that the freedoms we have here are barely left. With the powers that be making big bucks off of trade agreements with China, dissent against China is synonymous with dissent against Big American Business. And Big American Business can most certainly influence how the police treat peaceful protesters. Observe for yourself:


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