Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

“In a thousand years, Gandahar was destroyed. A thousand years ago, Gandahar will be saved — and what can’t be avoided will be.”

[IMDB link] The last of the 3 feature-length animated sci-fi films directed by René Laloux — although Bob Weinstein stole the directing credit for the American Version, and removed 6.6 minutes of animated romance between the main character and the topless blue babe (dual naked kiss). Violence is allowed in America, but not sex. If you want blue boobs — live in France. This is also why Smurfette didn’t put out.

Anyway, I want to say that this is at least as good as Fantastic Planet, possibly better. I just don’t remember Fantastic Planet well enough. Read on for screenshots and a more thorough review.

D.C. stadium visitor forced to delete pictures (no, it was not Glen) “We have the authority to ask them to remove the picture from the camera.” (“ask” could be the operative word in that statement) STAND UP FOR YOURSELF, people.

TECHNOLOGY WAR: All cars in the last 2 years broadcast their identity in plaintext on RF spectrums. In other words, they could, for example, create a bomb that only explodes when a specific car passes it, without any sort of camera attached. NOT GOOD. And sold to us as being “for your protection”, of course. How long until it’s illegal to disable these?

If the War On Drugs is so important that we have the highest prison population in the planet because of it — then why are the police allowed to be above the law? Cop+Wife stole pot and cocaine from evidence room. Not charged. Think you wouldn’t be charged if you stole this from an evidence room? Why do they get off free? With great power comes more responsibility, not less! Remember — this is the cop that baked the weed up into brownies with his wife, ate them, then called 911 saying, “I think we’re dying. Time is going really, really slow.” It was all over the news. Of COURSE they’re not charged! Now he can continue to be a cop elsewhere! And really, I think all drugs should be legalized — but the fact of the matter is, it is a crime that they themselves arrest people for, but somehow they themselves are exempt at the same time. It’s quite easy to to not question the validity of enforcing a bad law, when that law is not forced upon you.

UNDERLY-HARSH PUNISHEMNTS, VIDEO INCLUDED: How much jail time do you think you would get for pushing a cop down some stairs? Officer Fernando Trinidad is scum. If it’s the other way around, however, cops can push you down some stairs, and, get this–only lose 8 hours vacation time. Your tax dollars at work to abuse you.! They actually charged her w/battery on a law enforcement officer, but they were of course dropped. It’s a typical police tactic to charge someone they abuse with battery, so that they will go away and not complain about the brutality in exchange for charges being dropped. But of course, once dropped, these people usually sue (and they should — cops lie when they make deals all the time, and would like to put you in jail, if they decided their gut told them that was there you belonged).

911: AOL News site bans links, because this corporation doesn’t like other news sites talking about 911 conspiracies Real nice. AOL customers pay for the privilege of being censored? Or, if it’s free — the “value added” by using it is that you don’t get alternate viewpoints. Just fucking dandy. Anyway, this is old news, but PrisonPlanet just heard about it… probably because nobody uses AOL services :) ZING!

20060701-04 - 4th Of July at Eric Axilbund's - 187683039_78b20f29fc_o - Clint, eatingSo, we ran out of grape jelly, and I dipped into the apple jelly, which I am fond of sometimes using. (In college, I would eat bagels exclusively with apple butter and apple jelly.)

That was when I noticed the brand of jelly – Kroger. Hmm. I haven’t seen a Kroger since Virginia Tech. Yup — sure enough, this is Blacksburg jelly. The sell by date is 8/1996, so it was probably bought in 1995. (more…)