Bush immune to amendment. Cell phone-enabled speeding. Jesse Ventura.

Bush admin says its immune to the 4th amendment. Wow. Nevermind the fact that Bush specifically swore to uphold the constitution in his inauguration oath! WHAT THE FUCK?

TECHNOLOGY WAR VICTORY?: Use your cell phone to get away with speeding illegally. Of course, this is a bit unsound, as your position can be tracked with a cellphone, so in theory you could still be found as speeding. But GPS verification of non-speeding failed to convince a California judge to acquit a teen charged with speeding, therefore, if things were fair, gps or cellhpones could not be used to prove that you were speeding either. However: Things generally aren’t fair. Anyway, L Dubs — this should help you avoid the $1200 fines :) Of course, that’s a bad thing to. People who speed excessively are a greater threat to every child’s life than Al Queda. Put that in your foreign policy and smoke it.

911: Former Governor Jesse Ventura agrees that the WTC collapse — especially WT7, which was NOT hit by a plane, and TWO buildings away — was a controlled demolition. He had military demolition training. It was always interesting that the 911 Commission report supposedly did not devote a single page to the collapse of WTC7 — All 3 steel-framed buildings are the only steel-framed buildings to ever collapse from “fire” in history, and WTC7 was *two buildings* away from where the planes hit. That is, a ring of buildings around the towers survived… But WTC7 mysteriously collapsed from fire? Of course, there’s always the video of Larry Silverstein saying they decided to pull it. “And then we pulled it, and watched the building collapse.” Since then he has tried to say that it referred to pulling the firemen out of the building. Heh.