Read on for the links, and an explanation (in the comments) of why Apple’s legal action is both unnecessary and hypocritical.

OVERLY-HARSH PUNISHMENTS: 6-year-old charged with sexual harassment — in the school district I was schooled in

More ridiculous permanent records of sexual harassment — against 6 year olds. (HT Angel.)
This is part of a much broader trend.
  • Finally, a judge gets it. Situations have changed to new technical situations, and old protections must follow us along to our new situations. Judge was right, and this is quite refreshing.
  • A program started by Reagan, and revived by George W. Bush, allows your taxes to pay for a database of reproductive health, but then not be able to search that database for “abortion”. WOMEN’S RIGHTS!
  • Greedy, evil corporation. Apple is no different from Microsoft these days.