This was a spoof-genre movie along the lines of Scary Movie 1-4, but supposedly more focused at spoofing independent films. It’s definitley not nearly as funny per-minute as anything the Wayans Brothers or David Zucker created (Scary Movie,Airplane,Kentucky Fried Movie,etc) — it has some bad jokes that just aren’t funny. Sometimes there are no laughs for a few minutes. But we also were in the mood for a comedy after our weekend of partying (I drank 1.4 pints of liquor saturday), and this did indeed have us laugh out loud at several points.

The main spoofed movies that dealt with the plot were Pulp Fiction, Memento, Pi, and Amelie. But they also hit Mulholland Drive, Waking Life, El Mariachi (him trying to talk to Amelie was funny), Secretary, Reservoir Dogs (in their hotel room, and earless guy was supplied with a sign, reading: “For your torturing pleasure, here is a complimentary undercover cop”, and a shot-in-the-gut Bob Odenkirk inhabits the trunk of their car during the entire movie), My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and even Timecode (which nobody saw). They also had a different style, where sometimes they would simply deconstruct the genre (with a funny line) rather than make a conventional joke. The special effects were terrible (video game blood), but the fact that they spoofed so many movies I’ve never seen spoofed made it automatically worth watching. Also, the voice of the talking tape recorder is none other than Jason Mewes of Clerks fame.
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