Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

“The Sixties were an era of extreme reality. I miss the smell of tear gas. I miss the fear of getting beaten.” (more…)

Cloverfield kicked ass! Good horror! Realistic, with actual characters and a story. See it. (more…)

So who did the Windows Update that came out last night? Since I had automatic updates, I had no choice. But I tried to stop it by killing some processes. This was a bad idea. I should have just let it go.

Now [UPDATE: it’s fixed now], all non-bolded text on all webapages are italics, including any text box I type in. Firefox and I already decided Firefox 3.0 is something I’d like to avoid based on trying it out [UPDATE: it wasn’t a firefox error, it happened in IE as well]. So what the hell is happening? How can a Windows Update affect Firefox? [UPDATE: It didn’t. My Arial font got corrupted.] Is Microsoft pulling some shit (forced incompatibility)? [UPDATE: No.]

This just goes along with my general rant against changing computers. If I set something up, it should stay exactly as I set it up – for the rest of my life. This is progress? Now I have to find a new web browser, and kiss my working plugins goodbye? I need the NoSquint plugin to live on a 52-inch monitor. [UPDATE: To add to this rant .. a font file, once installed, really shouldn’t be touched. Ever!]

UPDATE: My arial font may be corrupted.

UPDATE: Fixed by downloading arial font HERE.