Today was kind of a gross day for the news. D.C. going after people for parking tickets that they gave to stolen cars, pornographers being charged for daring to sell porn over the internet (something that is commonplace for 15 years!), cities changing their yellow lights to be shorter than legally required in order to make more money on red light cameras, and other gross news.

ABUSE OF AUTHORITY, WASHINGTON D.C.: Idiot city sends collections agency after guy to pay parking ticket — car was stolen, cops didn’t notice, ticketed car instead of recovered it – at lesat once, possibly twice

The D.C. police are idiots. They couldn’t find something stolen from you if you shoved it up their asses. When I was robbed, we could not even file a police report over the phone. So broken, so broken. No wonder it’s the murder capital.
  • Why are Chinese security being brought into America and being allowed to rough up AMERICANS exercising their CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS?

    Anybody who even WATCHES the Beijing olympics is wrong.

    Make sure to click through to the NYDailyNews article too.

  • You only have to show your ID to a cop if you are suspected of a crime. If you are a passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over and is now free to go — you are by definition free to go, and cannot be forced to show ID.
  • Not Child porn. Nothing illegal. Just normal porn. He is subject to $7 million in fines, and prison time. Note that the porn industry makes more money than Hollywood does, yet our puritan govt wants to stop it. PORN IS GOOD!
  • What we are doing in Gauntanimo is just plain insane. How can we claim in any way, shape, or form, to be spreading democracy, when we treat prisoners like this?
  • I’ve been against red light cameras from the start, and EVEN THE INSURANCE COMPANIES, WHO PAY ACTUARIES TO RUN STATISTICAL REGRESSIONS ON ACCIDENT LEVELS, are against these cameras — they create more accidents.
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