[IMDB Link] First off, this was a movie seemingly produced by High Times magazine, not Hollywood. So it is definitely of lower quality. Less than what you would even expect from an “independent” movie (i.e., this was actually independent). When we first started watching it, I was like, “Oh no, what have we gotten into?” The IMDB rating is only 5.2! But stoner movies ALWAYS get rated low. But what if it’s accurate?!?!?!?! Fortunately, it wasn’t.

I’d definitely rate this no lower than a 6. If I rated the fun level only, it was more like a 7. I have to dock points for it not being the greatest movie, film wise. It definitely picked up, however. As stoner “chase the money/pot” adventures go, this was decent. We have a mobster discovering pot for the first time, congressman doing marijuana, drag queens, marijuana festivals, mobsters deciding other mobsters are gay, incompetent criminals who have their mommy tell them what to do (literally), and best of all: A combination guitar/bong, played by Tommy Chong. The winning raffle number to get he guitar was of course 4-2-0.

It also had Jason Mewes of Clerks fame. He played a pot dealer. (Typecast?!?!) Most surprising of all is that the leading lady in the movie is none other than Theo Kogan, lead singer of the Lunachicks. I did not realize it was them until they sung a song in the movie, and I said, “This sounds suspiciously like the Lunachicks!” I thought she was just an unknown actress, but it turns out she was also an unknown musician. :) It also had Dan Lauria, the dad from The Wonder Years, playing “Carmine”, the head mobster. Lauria has been involved in close to 100 projects since the Wonder Years, but this is just about the first time I’ve seen him anywhere else!

They went to a marijuana rally which was also suspiciously like something I’ve been to: the Washington D.C. annual smoke-in. They even sung the same “mari, marijuana” chant, that was sung at every smoke-in rally I’ve gone to. This had to have been directly influenced by the Annual D.C. smoke-ins.

So, while not an altogether coherent great masterpiece of a film, this movie turned out to be entertaining and worth watching. Honestly, I got this because of 3 things: Jason Mewes, Tommy Chong, and a bong-guitar. The Lunachicks singer was a nice cherry on top. It was especially funny how the people in the mob couldn’t tell if she was a girl (she’s hot!!) or not. We watched this on a Thursday night, with the weekend mindset setting in. I don’t think party/drug movies are as good if you watch them during the middle of the work week.

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Music: Ministry – 10/10