CONSPIRACY NEWS OF THE DAY: War coming soon? U.S. Navy shoots down U.S. Air Force plane which squawked a CIA Identification Code??? Was possibly on attack path towards Iranian power plant??? Who the hell knows what actually happens within the military. Likely, nobody. So if there is any truth at all to this article — I would actually NOT be surprised. Scary stuff. Iran is not winnable, yet there are factions in our govt (coughCheneycough) that would be quite willing to bring us into a war to make a quick buck. To quote Ministry in “The Dick Song” (from The Last Sucker (2007)), Dick Cheney is the chosen one, and the Son Of Satan.

ABUSE OF AUTHORITY: DC fascist pig police arrest Libertarians who dared to dance (with headphones) at the Jefferson Memorial to celebrate Thomas Jefferson’s birthday. MEMORIAL IS OPEN 24/7. “Disorderly conduct?” This should be a major lawsuit. Taxpayers funded the memorial, and any taxpayer can go there. The first amendment guarantees right to peaceful assembly, and that’s exactly what this was. This also does not meet the DC definition of the size of demonstration which requires a permit: 25. (Though I think that measure is incredibly unconstitutional as well. The government can make no law limiting peaceful assembly, yet they did. Either way, it still doesn’t apply here.)  Also: In D.C., disorderly conduct can be considered not moving on when an officer tells you — on a street. But this wasn’t a street, and the person in question had headphones on, so they did not necessarily hear!  They also would not give badge numbers as instructed by law, and cursed at people. When people asked why they had to curse (repeating the profanity), they were threatened with arrest for repeating the same word the officers said.

It’s almost like they were trying to see how many different ways you can break the First Amendment at once. Perhaps they can make a video game.