[IMDB Link] This was a pretty good movie which, as you could guess, captured the feel of hanging out (and rotting away) in the suburbs. Drunk jobless losers who basically hang around the “Qwik-E-Mart”/7-11 all night end up having a 1-night reunion with an old friend who is now a famous MTV pop star. Most decide they need to do more with their life; fewer do. Although most of the entire movie takes place at this one convenience store, and we don’t see a lot of terrian, the feel of the suburbs was nonetheless captured with amazing accuracy.

I was myself reminded of growing up in Woodbridge, being locked out after a late night out, and hanging out with random people at the gas station all night. Eventually going with some random person to watch him clean some insurance company office near Springfield Mall, before my dad woke up and I would be able to get back into the house. (I had knocked for quite some time!) One of the scenes also reminded of one time making out with this girl behind the Marumsco-ish bowling ally on Rt. 1, in the trashier part of ‘downtown’ Woodbridge. (Though I actually lived in Lake Ridge, the upper-class part of Woodbridge.)

This was directed by Richard Linklater (Dazed And Confused, Waking Life), and starred Giovanni Ribisi (aha Phoebe’s brother in Friends; someone who has been in a lot of movies), as well as a few lesser actors. It also had supporting rolls by Parker Posey (yum) and Dina Spybey (aka Dottie from Greg The Bunny). The soundtrack was apparently pretty good too, featuring “N.W.O.” by Ministry (which was in our current playlist when we started the movie!), Sonic Youth (more than any other band), Butthole Surfers, Beck, Skinny Puppy, Meat Puppets, Pennywise, and Elastica, among others. I didn’t really notice the soundtrack myself, except for “N.W.O.” Carolyn & Me both give it a 7/10 (IMDB rating).

It’s definitely a movie where not a lot of actual events happen, yet a lot of character development occurs over events that span just a few hours. I’d recommend it to anyone who grew up in the suburbs at the very least.

Some other random observations: It’s a bit sad that Sooze wouldn’t listen to what Giovanni Ribisi had to say near the end. And Dina Spybey usually plays super-happy characters — not here. I also think that Steve Zahn‘s character could have easily played a live action Beavis, had the Beavis & Butt-head movie been live. The puking on the limo reminded us of a real-life vomiting-out-a-car-window anecdote, which I think involved Chris W, Vicky, Blacksburg, alcohol, and vomit.

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