[IMDB Link] I think this movie delivered exactly what was expected of it: A senior trip movie by National Lampoon. Duh! What did you expect? This is basically a stoner/party/drinking flick. The movie was pretty formulaic and generic, yet it was still enjoyable. A zany comedy to take shots to. And I don’t really care if National Lampoon movies aren’t as good as they used to be — we were deliberately picking a fun, low-key movie to watch, and it delivered. Read on for cast, drugs, babes, and screenshots.

CAST: Matt Frewer (aka Max Headroom) played a hilariously neurotic principal. My only complaint is that he did not have more screen time. Kevin McDonald (of Kids In The Hall fame) plays a crazed crossing guard, who basically trails the senior trip the entire movie, thinking he is living in Star Trek. The only character in the movie to even see him is an acid-crazed stoner (one of the 3 or so main characters) who nobody would believe. Tara Charendoff (aka Bubbles from The PowerPuff Girls) plays a rare on-screen roll as the oversexed, hot, slutty chick — pretty rare for Tara, who has over 200 IMDB credits and is one of the most-used voice actors in the industry. (Unfortunately, she was only the 3rd-hottest chick in the movie.)

DRUGS: Plenty of alcohol and marijuana use. Some of it on a school bus. :)

IMDB Observations: “Wanda”, the girl who’s hair totally covered her face, killed her [virtually non-existant] career with this movie.

BABES: Call me crazy, but I actually thought the hottest girl in this movie was not Fiona Loewi, who played leading lady Lisa and was 18 years old at the time of filming. We argued over this a bit while watching, but I still think that red-headed Valerie Mahaffey (Mrs. Milford), who was about 42 at the time of filming, was way hotter (and half the age difference). Followed by Fiona Loewi and then Tara Charendoff. Granted, Fiona is more fertile, and probably more attractive to the average person… But Valerie Mahaffey has some quality of beauty to her that Fiona Loewi is missing… And it’s not just the red hair.

Fiona Loewi (18)
Tara Charendoff (20) (Bubbles from PowerPuff Girls)
Valerie Mahaffey (42)

COINCIDENCES: 2 Matt Frewer movies within a month – This, and Weirdsville. 2 Tommy Chong movies within a week – This, and High Times’ Potluck. Just accidentally saw a commercial for this on MTV — I was watching/skimming a 1996 episode of Alternative Nation, and this was one of the commercials.

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