Saturday, April 19th, 2008

[IMDB Link] This is the sixth Alien movie, so what do you really expect? Now we get to see Aliens on Earth – the ultimate nightmare. And not just at some polar research center like in the first AvP, but in an urban setting. Sewers, suburbs, cemeteries, and the like. And honestly, seeing Aliens in a new situation is about the most you could expect from the sixth movie in a franchise. And of course, it can’t be AvP without a Predator, so an exterminator is called to take care of the little Aliens-on-Earth problem. Of course, the bedside manner of these Preadtor “exterminators” leaves a lot to be desired … Most exterminators wont kill you simply for seeing them. It might have been more mercyful to innocent people if Dale Gribble had attended to the extermination instead of the Predator.

Due to the urban environment, the militarization, and the government involvement, this movie actually had a Resident Evil: Apocalypse feel to it. You might not know it from the previous Alien encounters which take place almost exclusively in spaceships (movies #1-#4), but having Aliens in your town is much like having zombies in your town.

So… There are some characters. And some pointless love interests. Kids breaking into a school to swim. A school bully. A bunch of pointless plot that I completely forgot about within 2 days; and a Predator-Alien hybrid, which we did not realize while watching either. I actually had to go read the IMDB synopsis for the movie plot while writing this to remember it, because we have watched a lot of zombie-ish movies this year.

Nonetheless, I am still surprised by low the IMDB rating of 5.1 for the movie; I’d still call it a 6 easily. 6 is kind of my generic-to-moderately-good rating.

CAST: Hottie Reiko Aylesworth (aka Michelle Dessler from 24) is one of the characters. Yum. She just got back from Iraq. (Y’know, to prove she’s still a badass.) (more…)

Man spends 9.5 months in jail because raped woman said “that’s him“. Of course, while he was in jail, the real rapist came back and raped her again (2 months later). He still wasn’t released until 7.5 months after THAT. That’s 9.5 months after the attack. This stuff happens all the time; before DNA, he would go to prison for decades or life based on someone pointing. Especially if he was black. The Innocence Project has exhonerated tons of people serving life sentences for falsely-accused rapes. But of course, since most of them are black, people would rather protect white woman’s rights — even when it means sending innocent people to prison. (tags: sex rape OverlyHarshPunishments DNA exhonerated falselyAccused)