[IMDB link] This was a pretty generic 2008 flick, with a low IMDB rating of 4.6. It was quite generic, and the plot was thin, but the movie made no attempt to play itself off as at all serious. We often enjoy party movies on a Sunday night as a method of mentally clinging onto the weekend a bit longer, and this worked. This was sort of in the same vein as Can’t Hardly Wait and the Trojan War, where there are love issues that must be resolved before the party ends.

QUIRKS: Characters would sometimes talk to the camera to say how they feel — This movie definitely went out of its way to let the viewer know that it’s not to be taken seriously. The very ending of the movie of course has the love interests kiss, and then talk about how long they waited, except they are talking as the actors and not the characters, and start arguing about whether or not they had kissed in rehearsal or not. It was quite strange, and for all we know it was totally staged, but it sort of strange to see chracacters change into actors before you eyes, other than in David Lynch movies. And of course the principal was delightfully deranged, and went on an utterly insane goose-chase looking for the senior skip party — dealing with the mob, cocaine, funerals, and more.

CAST: Larry Miller played the crazy principal, much like Matt Frewer‘s role from National Lampoon’s Senior Trip. He’s a funny guy, and I never put two and two together that he was the voice of the Pointy-Haired Boss in the Dilbert cartoon. Tara Reid and Lea Thompson had minor roles, as did Norm MacDonald (but he looked almost unrecognizeable). The main characters were played by nobodies (a guy who was a minor character in Donnie Darko, and a girl who has only starred in TV shows).

IN SUMMARY: If you automatically love party movies, and have already watched all the ones you can get your hands on — here’s another. If you don’t automatically love party movies, the romantic angle is probably not strong enough to be compelling. This is a b-movie; go watch something else

COINCIDENCE #1: 3 movies in a week (National Lampoon’s Senior Trip, Tapeheads, Senior Skip Day) with parties where they shouldn’t be (principal’s house/bus/senator’s hotel room/secure place of employment). TWO of them included senior skip day parties at the principal’s house — is that a common thing??!? I never skipped high school except during finals.

COINCIDENCE #2: 2 movies in 1 night (Bongwater, Senior Skip Day) where they used the exact same large water jugs to create pot-smoking paraphanilia — a gravity bong in Senior Skip Day, and a hookah in Bongwater.

One could also consider it a coincidence to watch a movie (two actually) with a lot of drug use on 4/20, but one would be wrong.

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