[IMDB link] Being a big Anna Faris fan, and a fan of almost anything “super-powered”, this seemed like a logical viewing choice. We were not at all disappointed.

CAST: I was so surprised to find out that the super-heroine was not Anna Faris, but Uma Thurman. I actually only heard of this movie via Anna Faris‘s Netflix page, and had no clue Uma Thurman would be in it. Uma and Anna are both definitely hotter as blondes. Also: Luke Wilson. Carolyn likes him a lot better than Owen Wilson, and although I hadn’t thought of it, I might agree.  And don’t forget Dwight Schrute from the american Office!

IN SUMMARY: Super-hero movies kick ass, and this was no exception. It played out like Superman, if it were a modern 2000s romantic comedy. So yes: “Super-Sex” is covered, and quite hilariously. Anna Faris is as adorable as Uma Thurman is neurotic and crazy. The super-villain could have been much better played by Tim Curry, but Eddie Izzard worked out decently. To me, this is a romantic comedy that any Superman fan should be able to enjoy.

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