Even one of Arizona’s Senators thinks there was a 911 cover-up…. Whatever did happen, we are not getting the full story of. (WTC7 collapse didn’t have a single page in the 911 commission report, despite it being one of 3 steel structure to ever collapse from fire?) And of course there’s the predictable backlash from people who have already decided they know for sure what happened (I guess they know OJ was guilty/innocent too!). The comments on the original story are basically to the effect of “to even consider otherwise is craziness”. Of course, kindergarteners will think you are crazy if you say Santa Claus is just one big conspiracy. There are further comments from people whining that the WTC buildings were designed to withstand only small “office fires”, which is just more FUD. Actually, if you watch the PBS documentary about the buliding of the WTC — The WTC was SPECIFICALLY designed to take jet impacts (I can’t remember for sure, but I believe the architect said multiple jet impacts), after a plane hit the Empire State Building and caused a scare prior to the WTC being built. I think we need to build another WTC and fly some planes into it and see what happens, as a research project. At the very least, it would make a great Pay-Per-View event! (more…)