Saturday, May 3rd, 2008

[IMDB link] This was a logical movie to watch on 4/20, right? Unfortunately, the cast was better than the story. This only got a 4.6 on IMDB. I’d probably give it about a 5.5.

PEOPLE: I absolutely adore Alicia Witt, and this was one of her first real movies. I don’t understand why she isn’t more popular! Alicia alone could convince me to watch a movie… She is one of my favorite redheads, and I particularly liked her in Cecil B. DeMented (which I would give at least a 9/10). This film also has Jeremy Sisto, who was amazing as Billy Chenowith from Six Feet Under, Luke Wilson (who is popping up more and more often), an unrecognizable-by-me brunette Brittany Murphy (aka Luanne from King Of The Hill), Jack Black (who unfortunately plays a Tenacious D song about Jesus), and Andy Dick. So there are plenty of good people involved in this film.

BAD STUFF: Unfortunately a good cast does not automatically mean a good film. This is sort of like a romantic comedy, minus the comedy, plus a bunch of pot-smoking, minus the comedy. Throw in a [highlight for spoilers] rape scene for good measure. Actually, there is some comedy in there, but it is dry, subtle, and dark. There are some fun moments, but they ultimately lead to nowhere (perhaps symbolism for all the pot-smoking done in the movie?). AND DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE BOOM MIC. Just how many times can you accidentally let a microphone creep into the film? FIVE??? Did they watch their own movie, or were they too busy drinking the bongwater they named it after?!?

CONCLUSION: Perhaps this movie was too serious. Of course there are reviews by people who love it. It’s based on a book, which I know nothing about, so there are definitely deeper levels of understanding. I usually like a movie more while watching it than after watching it, and this was no exception. I didn’t mind it while watching it, but once it was over, something about the pacing and lack of fulfillment made me not as happy with this movie as with others.

RECOMMENDATION: Don’t watch this because it has pot-smoking in it. Watch it for a deeper meaning. There’s proably one in there somewhere. Personally, I’d avoid it.

COINCIDENCES: THIS IS A BIG ONE: We watched this movie after watching Senior Skip Day, and both movies involved making bongs out of the exact same kind of [Deer Park?] large water jugs. We double-checked this. It’s a 4/20 Miracle! Also: 3 Luke Wilson movies in a week or so – Bongwater, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, and Blades Of Glory (small part).

MOVIE QUOTE: The closing credits are hilarious: A bunch of people leaving answering machine messages asking for pot. They use various codes, thiking they are subtle, but it’s painfully obvious exactly what each call is about. These are probably the best quotes from the movie. Even the IMDB quotes section is thin.