I'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] Homegrown was an alright movie about a pot farm, and the various complications that happen when the man in charge is assassinated. It was one of those movies where the cast (Hank Azaria! Billy Bob Thorton! And some John Lithgow!) is better than the actual movie (much like Bongwater). This is a bit like one of the “follow the money” type movies, where everyone is essentially trying to survive with the most possible cash while not being killed by multiple parties. To tell you the truth, we were both kind of disappointed. We gave it an IMDB 5.5/10 (Carolyn), and 3/5 stars on Netflix (Clint). I rarely give 2 stars because I was still entertained. There were still some laughs, dark humor, and other bit parts by various celebrities (Jamie Lee Curtis, both Gyllenhaals, Ted Danson, Judge Reinhold). The pot farm reminds me of Without A Paddle, and Hank Azaria playing a stoner was quite cool… But all-in-all, this was kind of a generic flick. I’d say: Skip this movie and watch for Without A Paddle instead. It’s a much more memorable and funny caper.

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