let us try hotlinking movie covers from netflix instead of <a target=I'd rather be watching TV![IMDB link] [Netflix link] This was a light-hearted caper about a cat burglar who times his robberies by singing show tunes. For example, he can name the song length (accurate to the second) of any show tune. Eventually, he is blackmailed (by many) to steal a device Leonardo Da Vinci created to turn lead into gold. The climax takes place in the Vatican, I believe.

PEOPLE: Screenplay in part by Daniel Waters, writer of Heathers and Sex & Death 101. That’s why we got this movie. Bruce Willis and Andie MacDowell star, and there are several other well-known actors as well.

BAD STUFF: The undeniable fact that I truly want to fuck Sandra Bernhard, despite thinking she was severely thumped with the ugly stick, and despite hating her both inside and outside (except her body). WHY??!?!?!?! Please make it stop. I feel dirty.

CONCLUSION: Having 1 writer from Heathers does not make it automatically good. This was a decent “goofy caper”, but not a superb film.

QUIRKS: I hate show tunes and coffee — but if you absolutely love both of those, it might improve the movie for you.

RECOMMENDATION: For people who watch high quantities of movies only, or like the aforementioned quirks.

MOVIE QUOTE: Cardinal: “Oh, the Pope warned me never to trust the CIA!”

FRIENDS’ RATINGS: Benj (Beth B’s brother who has rated 3500+ movies) gave it 5 stars on Netflix. I disagree

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